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Mexican Independence Day!

Mexican Independence Day - 16 of September

Independence Day is celebrated in Mexico on 16th September. It commemorates the day, on 16th September 1810 in the small town of Dolores, in the province of Guanajuato in Mexico, when a handful of people were summoned by a parish priest to take up arms against the Spanish colonial government - the Viceroyalty of New Spain. Thus began the fight for independence that ended 350 years of Spanish rule. 

To this day, the church bell that was used to call people to revolt hangs in the National Palace in Mexico City and is rung on the eve of 16th September each year by the President of Mexico.

169 years ago U.S. went to war with MX

By Richard Poynton
Mexico News Daily | Saturday, May 16, 2015

It cost Mexico about one-third of its national territory
For years the subject of the United States-Mexico War of 1846-47 was taboo in the Mexican school curriculum. Why? The war was a humiliation for Mexico and nobody wanted to talk about it.

When the peace treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed on February 2, 1847, only a year after U.S. forces had invaded, Mexico lost about one-third of its territory, including nearly all of present-day California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming.

Remember the Alamo? Texas independence from Mexico had already been declared 10 years earlier on March 2, 1836, act that Mexico considered belligerent. This event only exacerbated the bad feelings between the two countries, leading to the conflict in 1846-47.

70 Baja Must Do's

Baja California offers 70 unique experiences that you can't miss.

  1. Visit "La Bufadora" the only marine geyser in North America.
  2. Travel the wine route, where 90 % of Mexico’s wine is produced.
  3. Experience of grey whale sightings in Ensenada.
  4. Visit the Ensenada seafood market, one of the largest in the country.
  5. Taste the traditional Ensenada fish tacos.

The Lost Jesuit Mission

By David Kier
source: Baja Bound - updated: Nov 07, 2018

Lost Mission Bahía de los Ángeles
Time for us to examine again an unsolved mystery I first wrote about many years ago. The story begins even earlier: In 1966, an expedition led by Erle Stanley Gardner was exploring along an abandoned mine road south from Bahía de los Ángeles. They hoped to use it to get to El Barril and continue on south. A discovery of strange walls on a hillside overlooking a bay was made. A date-palm, indicating fresh water was close to the surface, was found at the base of a hill. Also, a ruined dam and reservoir were nearby. On the expedition was historian-author and then the editor of Desert Magazine, Choral Pepper. She was intrigued by these odd walls as to who built them and for what purpose. Pepper later wrote about that discovery in her magazine and included it in her popular 1970’s book, Baja California: Vanished Missions, Lost Treasures, Strange Stories, Tall and True.

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Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?
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