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San Felipe Disposal

Photo: Gary Dilley and Robin Waters.

If you’re looking for advice on how to retire in San Felipe, Gary Dilley is not the guy to ask. He’s owned a house here for 27 years and first visited 40 years ago for the Baja 1000. Just 3 years ago he became a full-time resident with the intention of retiring.

But a funny thing happened on the way to margaritas on the beach – trash spoke to him and San Felipe Disposal was born. So much for retirement. When asked why disposal, Gary said, “I saw construction was booming and that there was a real need for portable bathrooms and the
removal of construction debris.

I started working when I was 15 years old. I’ve owned and operated an amusement game company, worked as a printer and have owned car dealerships. One of my first jobs was in the garbage industry, so I guess I’m back where I started”.

With all the wonderful things about living in San Felipe, there are less than desirable aspects. Poor disposal practices and littering have created a serious problem, not to mention some unsightliness. When asked what changes he would like to see, Gary said, “I would get rid of all those open 50-gallon drums. Dogs tip them over, they draw flies, and they look and smell bad.” He adds, “Existing laws aren’t being enforced.

Uncovered trucks haul trash and it blows all over the place before they get to the dump site. Everything should be discarded at the town dump, not in the desert or wherever is convenient. People who litter should be fined.

All who live here have a responsibility to keep our community clean.” Doing its part, San Felipe Disposal rents and services portable bathrooms, removes waste from septic tanks and provides garbage containers in sizes from 40 yarders for construction sites, 3 yarders for business and 65 gallon containers for residential trash service.

When asked about recycling, Gary replied, “Right now all garbage is taken to the dump outside of town. I’m hoping that we will be able to recycle in the next year or two.” We asked him what makes his company different from his competitors. “We have all the permits to operate legally.” He adds, “We are bilingual, our drivers are licensed and our trucks are insured. We operate regular routes and we are dependable.” The same can’t be said for many of the trash haulers operating in San Felipe.

Gary has seen many changes in just the last five years and expects San Felipe to change much more in the next five. “I think that San Felipe Disposal will mirror the growth of this town. With so many Baby Boomers retiring, I’m sure it’ll continue to grow.”

Lastly, we asked Gary for his advice to someone starting a business in San Felipe. “Having been involved in many business ventures here over the last 40 years, I would advise that they really do their research and seek the input of established business people.”

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