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Centavo's Got The Blues

by Centavo

“I’d like to teach the world to perfect harmony”...... like that’s gonna happen....but after spending time at the Animal Rescue’s Woofstock and the Blues and Arts Festival here in San Felipe, it occurred to me that there are endless possibilities for re-inventing peace and harmony....well, close.

Any attempt to bring a blues concert to a town that’s had its share of the “blues” for centuries...well, it’s almost like a silly wake-up call. In fact, if history permits, we really don’t know the origin of the blues. We like to think it generated from slaves who sang their woes in a cruel world that had them picking cotton in the American South. So intensely personal were those kinds of blues lyrics that black musicians eventually made the blues their own. But the blues goes deeper than that. Early blues was patterned after the English ballad, and those of you who remember “folk music” can understand that those sad stories in song gave Americans a political conscience in the ‘60s.

Oops...flash forward....The Blues and Arts Festival. A SUCCESS?...By the time I got there, it was already apparent that the crowd was having a good time. Did they really need to know that they could play the blues with three simple guitar chords and three-line verses?....Nope. Everyone was content to listen to fabulous bands that broke our hearts with their pain...Yeah..They all had the blues..And the crowd was digging it!

Even before the bands began their sets, you felt that San Felipe had gone big-time. No parcan lights on a tee; the stage lighting rivaled any good traveling concert and I really appreciated the vegetation that dressed up the front of the stage. Nice. Now the best part......there was plenty of parking... It didn’t rain....... Melanie, who sang “Candles in the Rain” at Woofstock, did not show up...there was great art ...and one licked or threw down their guitar (kinda missed that)..You could bring your dog... plenty of one warned you about bad acid being passed around...and you could call your friends back in the States on your cell phone with....”Totally far-out concert..This guy was wailing on his harmonica..remember that concert in college when we....?”Well you can put your own words here.

It is beautiful that San Felipe is capable of embracing the generations of people who only want music, love....and a safe place to sleep.

And for those of us who bought cigars, photographs, sculptures and paintings at the festival....we are lucky. Smoking my stogie, I realized that I might have discovered another Picasso…all at the Blues and Arts Festival in the great town of San Felipe in Baja!

Leaving the festival, I remarked how well-behaved we were; we picked up our trash. I didn’t want the night to end. So my friends and I went down to the Malecon and tried to crash a Quinceanera. We showed our green wristbands from the festival, but they wouldn’t let us in. Weren’t they supposed to be good till midnight?

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