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Free Diving in Rocky Point

By Rita Pizarro

Carlo Bonacci, is a Geriatric Neuropsychologist that spends much of his time with the elderly with mental problems and memory disorders and the other time holding his breath.

“Diving into the open blue water, feel yourself getting deeper and deeper, feeling the pressure of the water heavier and heavier on you, you are floating there and when you stop swimming and you continue to sink, but at a certain point you reach negative buoyancy which is freedom, like flying underwater.”

The proximity of Puerto Peñasco to Arizona and its less crowded waters, along with the local ambiance and character makes the area a favorite of Carlo.

Free Diving Areas:
  • “The Reef” just before Cholla Bay in Sandy Beach.
  • Don’s Pond, a little preserve with a lot of marine life.
  • Bird Island (boat needed, many charters available; see Kayak Rocky Point). Great structures and you can dive anywhere from 2 feet to 80 feet and see all kinds of life.
Carlo’s preferred fish is Sardinera, a good size grouper, or the abundant triggerfish. “We only fish for what were going to eat that day, we cook it ourselves or once in a while, we take it to a restaurant and they cook it for us.”

As a spear fishermen, you are intimately immersed in the environment and have an impact, the goal of free diving is to have the least amount possible.

• Don’t fish for Gulf Grouper in May when they’re spawning.
• Know your fish because many are endangered species with rapidly dwindling populations.
• It’s against the law in Mexico to spear fish with scuba gear.

Best to dive on the low tide swing, not on full or new moon, best time is half moon. “I like diving on incoming tide more than outgoing tide, on flat tides an hour before or after high tide or the hour before or after low tide.”
If you’re interested in getting into the sport of free diving, always understand the local conditions and take someone with you, and be aware of the tides and currents. The most important things is to get in the water and follow your curiosity.

Rita Pizarro is a Local Massage Therapist and Freelance Writer, special thanks to Tom Thomas, Home Inspector for the picture and edition, we can both be reached at 602 748 4134 or,

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