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For a thousand years, massage and yoga have been used to heal and strengthen. Many would say that they are the two best natural therapies available, working together to help chronic injuries. Massage will relax tense muscles and increase circulation, helping to detoxify and oxygenate the tissues. This allows repairing cells to reach the damaged tissue and heal faster, both reducing pain and increasing mobility.

In addition to strengthening and giving flexibility to an area, yoga can retrain the muscles injured by trying to guard an affected area. Yoga will also tone the surrounding area, helping to hold the spine, neck, hips and body in better alignment. Plus, it can also help you relieve stress through relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, bringing you an overall sense of balance and relief.

Rita has been involved in massage for ten years, with half that time spent in Mexico. Rita is skilled in various types of massage, including Swedish, myofascial therapy, sports massage, hot stone massage, prenatal massage, infant massage, and polarity therapy, as well as combined techniques. “I have learned throughout the years to customize the massage to the needs of my client,” she says. “For example, a muscular young man will get a very different massage from that given a senior petite lady, so being in tune with the needs of each person makes every massage unique.” Her goal is a therapeutic massage that both relaxes and provides stress relief.
Additionally, Rita has been teaching yoga for about 8 years, and practicing for over 12 years.
Rita and her boyfriend Tommy offer a wide variety of services, including vacation rentals, massage, home inspections, yoga, kite surfing, pet sitting and adventure camps. “It seems like a lot, but somehow it all fits our lifestyle,” says Rita.

The adventure camps started with giving kids something to do rather than watch their parents ride around in golf carts all weekend. “We take kids and families camping and out to the places that we like to go. We get them active by doing something new, making each trip and experience an adventure.”

Their explorations can take you to The Gold Mine, El Gulfo, The Pinacate Mountains, La Pinta, Galespi Stone House and even a secret spot. Rita explains, “We have many ideas to create a culturally enriching and physically demanding adventure for all ages.”
Tommy has been kite surfing for two years, and Rita for one. Peñasco is a great place to kite, especially Cholla Bay with the north winds in the winter months and all along the coast with the southerly winds in the summer.

According to Rita, there are sometimes good waves in Peñasco (yes, waves on the Sea of Cortez!), but most of the time the waves are small - good for teaching beginner surfers.
Puerto Peñasco is a great place to stay active and be outdoors. Rita and Tommy are both very active and interested in fitness. They have both practiced different sports and have tried various ways to stay fit. Rita is a pescovegetarian, meaning she eats fish and vegetables but no meat or chicken, which helps her stay healthy.

Rita offers a 10% discount on massage to anyone staying in her rentals, and
Tommy gives half-price kite lessons to their guests.

To see all that they have to offer, check out their web site. For more detailed information on a particular activity,, e-mail, or call them from the U.S. at 602-748-4134, or in Puerto Peñasco at 383-8030.