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Kick start your day at Giuseppe’s

by Baja Benjamin

The instant I walked past the gate into the lovely garden patio area with fountain and walk-up service window I felt comfortable. French doors lead from the garden into the dining area and I was engulfed in the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I was ready to start my day.

Giuseppe’s coffeehouse on Fremont has one of best breakfasts. They make eating breakfast a complete pleasure, delicious food, friendly service, and comfortable environment. The garden murals on the walls and calming green colors make relaxing over my bacon, eggs, and yummy country potatoes a treat.

On my first visit to Giuseppe’s, I met Anita Bascelli and sisters Cristina and Norma Estrada along with cook Juan Alberto.

This was a good day for me, they had a buffet. I have never been a handyman, but I can build a great breakfast plate. Giuseppe’s had all the bases covered; bacon, eggs and yummy country potatoes, but today there were biscuits with sausage gravy, sausage solamente and pancakes, toast, plus more but it became a bluff after the sausage gravy.

I’ve not had Giuseppe’s for lunch, but if it’s par with breakfast, this place is one of the best. They provide free wireless Internet access and at a good speed and no pressure to eat and leave, just relax.

For the early bird, Giuseppe’s Coffeehouse is open at 7:30 am, which really is early in Mexico, but helps when you want to get a start on the day. On my second breakfast visit in the same number of months, I was kindly welcomed and served a perfect plate of bacon, eggs and yummy country potatoes.

I would highly recommend locals and visitors to start their day at Giuseppe’s Coffeehouse and with any luck I’ll see you there.

Giuseppe’s Coffee. On Fremont Boulevard, next to Black Dogs. Ph: (638) 383-5181.

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