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Mexican Dental Care with the Spa Treatment

In the United States dental treatments can cost up to four times as much as they do in Mexico. Americans, with and without medical insurance, are flocking to Mexico for dental care because dentistry in the United States has become prohibitively expensive for many people.

For a long time, Americans have been crossing the border for cheap medicines, flu vaccines, eye surgery, or specialist doctors; but now, dentists are in the highest demand and aspiring Mexican dentists are moving to border and resort cities to serve the ever-increasing numbers of patients.
“I think dentistry in Mexico is more ‘personal.’ At my clinic we care about every person, and we take the time and effort to make the dental visit a nice experience,” says Dr. Melina California Fierros Zatarain, or Melina, as her friends and patients refer to her. Melina is a dentist and the owner of California Dental Spa on Mar Caribe Sur, across from the ABC terminal in San Felipe.
Mexican dentists are raising the bar, offering posh services and the latest technology. “We have all the high-tech equipment and the best services, even better than many places in the States,” says Melina.

California Dental Spa’s services include autoclave sterilization, digital x-rays, intraoral camera, and ultrasonic sterilization. It also offers treatment services, including cleaning, white fillings, whitening, crowns, cosmetic crowns, permanent bridges, removable partials, dentures, extractions, root canals, and implants.

When you enter the California Dental Spa, the atmosphere and warm greeting immediately make you feel at ease. “The spa concept is something that I want to offer as an atmosphere to my patients; like aromatherapy, soft music, skin treatments and everything that could make the dental experience more pleasurable,” says Melina. The word has spread so rapidly that in just one year California Dental Spa has fast become the most popular dental clinic in the region.
In 2006, Melina came to San Felipe and St. James Hospital (now Hospital San Felipe), where she spent her first year before moving to into her own office. “My dreams are coming true. My office is growing, and now I have another dentist working with me.”

According to Melina, she fell in love with the art of creating beautiful smiles when she had her own braces treatment. “I love every area of dentistry. I do a lot of cosmetic dentistry, and I just finished a certification in implants.”

This summer, Melina and her boyfriend, David DesRochers, are opening an optical center adjacent to the dental office. “Traditionally, optometry and dentistry go hand in hand, so we decided to expand my dental office to offer optical services.”

“We have a qualified optometrist from the University of Xoxicalco in Mexicali. He has completed several courses and a fellowship degree from Pacific University College of Optometry and speaks fluent English,” says Melina.

As Americans continue to head south of the border looking for healthcare solutions, young aspiring dentists like Melina will continue to build clinics like California Dental Spa, giving many an alternative.

In the next three years, Melina hopes to provide more services related to the health industry with the same spa-like atmosphere.

“My favorite part of being a dentist is looking at my patients’ smiles; they get a different dental experience, and some of them get a totally different, beautiful, and healthy smile.” Melina smiles, “I enjoy my work. I always try to be a perfectionist and do my best. I even sing when I’m working...because I love my job.”


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