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To The Top Home Elevators

When Jackie, an accountant and computer technician, and Marty Alameda, a self-employed businessman, decided to retire and move to Rosarito Beach in Baja, little did they realize that they would only be traveling and living a life of leisure for a short while. Having taken up residence in the community of Primo Tapia, a few miles south of Rosarito, they started to feel that there were some services which were lacking in the Primo Tapia area.

From this assessment arose the ownership and association with, an Internet café and business center offering U.S. mail, errand services, fast Internet connection, computer classes, photocopying and binding facilities and more.

However, five years later when the Alamedas met the Browns, things started to take a different turn. The Browns had been providing Extended Home Living Services for the past 17 years and understood the need for residential elevators. The Alamedas wanted to bring this offering to their community in Baja and so began the great partnership between the Alamedas and the Browns. This collaboration brought about the formation of the Mexican company called ‘To The Top Home Elevators, S. de R.L. de C.V’.

Today, To The Top Home Elevators is in the business of selling, installing, importing, maintaining and providing warranties for a large variety of residential elevators. These range from light commercial elevators to stairway chairs to dumbwaiters and more. Though the company represents various manufacturers from the US, Canada and Europe, Thyssen Krupp is the largest manufacturer with whom the company partners.

The need for a residential elevator is increasing each day. With smaller houses, there are times when a relatively small piece of land is built upon in order to accommodate three or four levels. With kitchens, living rooms and laundry rooms being on different levels, a residential elevator is not a means of avoiding exercise, but a necessity.

There are some who install residential elevators to increase the resale value of their homes. Others opt for this facility to prepare for the time when they will be older. Yet others feel the need due to the presence of an older member of the house or a handicapped person whom they need to take care of. The products and services of To The Top Home Elevators are not sought only by home owners. There are doctors’ offices, hospitals, private spas and private homes which have been serviced by this company.

Even though there is a large amount of growth that is expected in this area, To The Top Home Elevators does not really have any direct competition. The only competition comes from manufacturers of commercial elevators who do not specialize in residential elevators. To The Top Home Elevators is based on a chain drive unit which uses the counter weight system and does not require additional space or the use of Union installers.

With a small staff of about 3 people (with another to be added soon), To The Top Home Elevators believes in growing slowly. The area that they currently service is confined to ‘all of Baja’ because they believe that expanding too rapidly can be unhealthy and can weaken a company’s ability to service an area to the complete satisfaction of the customer. Even though there is a desire to grow and the market is ready, To The Top Home Elevators wants to take it step by step.

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For an appointment or estimate, contact Marty Alameda or bilingual Sales Executive Dra. Rebecca Curiel at Rosarito tel. (661) 614-1434, U.S. tel. (619) 342-2183 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, or e-mail:

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