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Beachside dreams of Chocolate

Robert Shrader is a retired RV dealer turned Mexican Chocolatier. He used to own Bob's RV's in Beaumont CA, but now makes chocolate on the beach in San Felipe Baja California. This was never the goal, or some part of any master plan. This is simply a guy that retired, moved to Mexico and followed a passion.

Bob’s had a home in San Felipe since 1989 and moved full time in 2000. In 2004, he starting making chocolate. He started baking as a hobby, but could never find the right recipe to produce the flavors he wanted, until he started playing with chocolate and voila!

Bob’s wife Yolanda is responsible for all the packaging and wrapping of the chocolates, which is also an intricate part of the kitchen staff according to Bob, “she is the head of our scullery maids of which there is but one.” He makes the chocolate and comes up with the recipes and Yolanda seems to do everything else. “She is the cocoa behind the chocolate,” says Bob.

Chocolate had the flavors and textures he was looking for. Chocolate is hard, soft, creamy, it can be long, short, fat, thin, or it can become anything wanted and the taste desired. Baja Chocolate Lovers is the old European style of chocolate making and as delectable as these may be, Bob does not add sugar to any of their chocolates. “We use premium chocolates and only their natural ingredients” say Bob, “We flavor our chocolates using lacquers, herbs, oils, fruits, spices and of course a secret sauce.”

This year they’ve added Chocolate Business Card (one ounce of chocolate sculpted with any logo), also the half pound of Baja-in-a-Box or Creamy Amaretto Milk Chocolate sculpted into a half pound of Baja, sealed in a cellophane bag then cradled in a hand crafted presentation box with a gold bow. This makes a nice gift for the Baja lover, chocolate lover or both.

“Gourmet dark chocolate has been proven in studies to actually be good for you!” Bob points out. He continues with a study from U.S.-FDA Research Department, showing gourmet dark chocolate has several essential nutrients such as iron, calcium and potassium. It even contains the vitamins A, B1, C, D, and E. So, you can actually help protect your body against heart disease and high blood pressure by simply enjoying some gourmet dark chocolate.

The business grew from passion, not a desire to go into business or make money. “I never stop enjoying the look on peoples face when they take their first bit of our chocolate.”

Whether you’re sold on the health benefits, want to woo a Valentine, you need to try this chocolate. Now available in San Felipe, at Playa de Oro Sundance market, Tattoo Rose Cafe, The Net or their website, or you can visit them in Campo Ocotillo at kilometer 182, San Felipe/Mexicali Highway. Website:

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