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Best of San Felipe A - C

Rosalina Ramos Lazcano
Born in Mexicali, she has spent most of her life in San Felipe. She started her architectural career here 20 years ago and continues to contribute and be an inspiration to the local community. Rosalina mixes a humanistic approach into her architectural technique to give her clients a fresh and unique design experience.

Baja Nueva
Several years of design work with builders and homeowners in Arizona, made it easy for Sharon and Jerry Lankin to decide to continue that work in San Felipe. Baja Nueva is the result of that decision. Its a lovely shop with beautiful artwork, paintings, glass work, home accessories, candles, and gifts!

Andrena Joyce
A resident of San Felipe since 2005 and a visitor with her family since the mid 1970's, Andrena has been painting for 8 years and describes her art as playful. She loves creating colorful art in various mediums, including acrylics, oils, watercolors, collage, and inks. "It's all about play for me - play therapy!

Juan Gallo
Years of keeping off-road racing vehicles from disintegrating in the harsh Baja terrain gives Juan Gallo the skill and temperament to fix just about anything on wheels. His legions of satisfied customers attest to his versatility, his great service and professionalism. And for those who still have difficulty with the local language, he speaks English.

Panaderia Especial
When it comes to fresh baked goods, this winner takes the cake. The wonderful aromas that come only from freshly-baked Mexican and American breads captivate the senses and render you helpless to resist. Baked fresh daily, you’ll find a variety of breads, cakes, pastries and more. Their Apple Fritters are great! On Mar Caribe Norte.

Agave Blues
This winner brings a solid blues and rock sound to San Felipe weekly as the house band at Jimmy's Beach Bar & Grill at Playa de Oro. This 5-piece ensemble is sharp and polished with both a soulful and rockin' edge. Each member is an accomplished musician and it shows in their tight sound.

Fandango's Sports Bar
If you don't have a buddy whose house has a huge game room and a fully-stocked bar, Fandango's is the next best thing. If you don't have friends when you arrive, you’ll have a whole bunch when you leave. If you want games, pool, music and friends along with your favorite drink, this is the place.

A cantinero is more than a bartender. He’s funny, sympathetic, a psychologist and – oh yeah – he can whip up just that special concoction to warm you up on the inside and cool your spirit on the outside. From Al's Bar to the Lighthouse and now Fandango's, Pedro has become San Felipe’s own world class cantinero indeed.

Cantu's Cove
Coronel Esteban Cantu Jimenez, governor of the District of Northern Baja from 1915 to 1920, was a brilliant man not only for his accomplishments, but also for having the most incredible beach in San Felipe named after him. We can't tell you where it is - certain people would have us permanently silenced - but if you can find it, it's truly a special place.

Lillyannas Day Spa has set the bar in San Felipe for beauty care and cosmetics. This is a full service salon, newly expanded with additional manicure stations, permanent make-up and massage. Veronica and the rest of staff are always a pleasure and make every visit a memorable experience.

Baja Java
As one voter said, "Best Bagel in the World! Karen is wonderful and so is her crew.” That pretty well covers it, good food with a sea view. Start your morning off right with coffee better than the famous Seattle brand, freshly-baked bagels and friendly service. The sign that says "reserved for a San Diego Charger fan” is where you will usually find owner Karen Bradley.

Chilis n beer
This is the latest entry onto the San Felipe burger scene. Not only do they offer traditional burger fair, but they will build you one of 10 other beefy beauties that will satisfy the most demanding burger connoisseur. Soothe your burger cravings at La Plazita on Mar de Cortez, upstairs across from Bancomer.

San Felipe Animal Rescue
Founded in 2002 by Ronda Walpole, San Felipe Animal Rescue is a committed group of animal lovers from both Mexico and the USA. Their goal is to stop the needless suffering of the estimated 8,000 -10,000 stray and indigent animals, living on the streets and in the desert of San Felipe. Through spaying/neutering and education, SFAR is striving to achieve zero population growth.

Adrianna Fish Tacos
Hands down the Best Cheap Eats in San Felipe. Maria creates fantastic fish tacos every time. Only $2 gets you two incredible fish tacos with rice, beans, chips, salsa and guacamole. Adrianna's is the taco stand next to Bar Miramar on the Malecón.

Martin Coleman - El Dorado Ranch
Chef Martin Coleman brings award winning renown for his cutting edge culinary innovation to San Felipe, Baja. As Corporate Executive Chef for Pavilions, Juanitos, Estrella del Mar (Mazatlan) and Club Havana Hotel his influence is certainly visible. He was recently named one of the Top One Hundred International Chefs, and will receive the award in Paris this spring.

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