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SAN FELIPE - California Real Estate & Construction Co.

Karla Lourdes Sánchez Overpeck founded California Real Estate & Construction Co. in San Felipe in 2003, based on her experience in construction and real estate. She saw the international growth projection of San Felipe and considered it a good place to establish herself.

When is comes to construction, California Real Estate & Construction has made an art of completing work on time and providing excellent quality. We also ensure that we stay within budget and offer a good market price.

An established company, with a beautiful office building north of San Felipe on Highway 5, California Real Estate & Construction has the capacity to handle any size of project. Our professional engineers and qualified contractors will find the right solution for you, which they bring from the interior of the country.

California Real Estate & Construction employs approximately seventy people, throughout their San Felipe Projects, at any given time. Karla considers them lucky to have the base of service that they are offered. Clients often recommend them, which helps to win new clients. “We keep working, in spite of the recession,” Karla says. “Even when other contractors have had to close their doors.”

If you’re considering going into this business, “Think about it twice,” warns Karla. “If you’re interested, but you’re not professional and don’t have qualified personnel to offer this type of service, I would suggest dedicating yourself to another activity.”

Karla and California Real Estate & Construction are currently working on their own residential development, the Residential Assisted Living Center for Senior Citizens, which is a Medical and Dental Center. At the same time, they are continuing to promote their modular homes, and working hard to be the best constructor in San Felipe for residential work and home designs.

Karla and California Real Estate & Construction understand that, with the market having taken a considerable downturn, it will be necessary to wait and see what effect a change of government will have on the U.S. economy. They also understand, now more than ever, the need to dedicate themselves to the company and marketing.

”Our intention is to offer the service that our clients expect,” Karla says. “Keeping our clients satisfied is our major business achievement.”

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