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Chef Martin Colman

Interesting people of Baja - meet - Chef Martin Colman
by Robin Waters

Before the age of 30 Martin Colman became President of the Century City Shopping Center and Merchants Association. Century City was at that time, the only shopping center in the West side of Los Angeles. During Colmans tenure Century City went from a middle class mall to the cutting edge, luxury center it is today.

Chef Colman refined the related functions of retail service to create a new standard for dining and the hospitality customer to have a seamless experience of excellence. Now a Chef renown for his cutting edge culinary innovation, who has catered to a long list of world leaders and business celebrities. To drop a few names: actors Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, Michel Douglas, and Julie Andrews. News caster Walter Cronkite. Alan Greespan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Queen Noor of Jordan. Vaclav Havel, former President of the Czech Republic to is only a partial list.

Philanthropist who campaigned for Freedom and was instrumental in the fall of the Berlin Wall. Throughout his business life, Colman devoted substantial time and resources to the cause of freedom in countries occupied by communism. Then in 1985 the leaders of the democracy movements in the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and the other communist countries asked Colman to put together an organization to help overthrow communism. Colman sold his business and devoted full time to the now famous cause known as Resistance International (AFRI). It may seem quite a contrast between creating the finest artful cuisine and leading freedom movements against repressive governments, but both of Colman’s’ life endeavors reflect his passions. One is to create and savor the finest things in life and the second it to be free to do it. “I see no contradiction…different though they are”, Colman said in an interview with the French newspaper, Le Quotidien.

Businessman who in the 1990’s returned to the retail business and owned or operated: Cabo Restaurant, The Wine Room, the Baja Grille, and The Jockey Club in Washington D. C., which received raves of the “Best Bar in Washington” from the Delta Flyer Magazine, and “Culinary Genius” from the Golf Magazine. An aficionado of the Escoffier method, he is also responsible for Everything To Its Own Perfection™ in culinary production, and designed numerous kitchens using these most advanced methods. He developed the “Bin System” for wines which integrated varietals, regional and blended wines in a seamless system for storage, care, paring and service. His system offers a broad selection in every major category and begins with very reasonably priced wines: surprisingly none of which is less than 85 points.

Chef Colman leaves in May for France, to receive a coveted award for being one of the “Top 100 Chefs in the World”. When he returns it will be to Las Vegas to his new restaurant and another wonderful adventure.

Of the many interesting people that come to the Baja. Chef Martin Colman is definitely one.


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