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The Children are the Champions!

Hal Clark

The Children of San Felipe are the real winners in the TECATE 3rd Annual El Dorado Ranch Charity & Celebrity Golf Classic. The three day event was topped off in fiesta-like fashion with a lavish awards banquet on Saturday night October 28, 2007 at the Pavilion Restaurant in La Ventana del Mar at Las Caras de Mexico Campo de Golf in San Felipe. Ceremonial checks were presented by Pat Butler and Jesus Olmos to two deserving charities. One in the amount of $10,000 US went to the San Felipe Scholorship Fund to benefit the children of San Felipe for their University and College Educations. Another $5,000 US to Casa de Paco, a hospice serving the those who are suffering from terminally ill diseases in the communities of Mexicali and San Felipe. Mr. Butler was quick to point out to the gala crowd of celebrities and esteemed guests that these amounts merely represent the minimums and when the final accounting is done the amounts are expected to grow.

There were numerous winners in various categories of competition among the teams comprised of major sponsors and celebrities the winners of the lowest team scores were: Low Gross Team Scores; 1st Place score of 55, the team of Don Cavanaugh, Scott Ferguson, Larry Bonneville, Pam Teegaurden; 2nd Place score of 60 the Medical Group team of Dave Bondurant, Cris Creswell, Lyle Fritchey, Greg Griffin; 3rd Place score of 62 Team Chevrolet, Elizabeth Keys, Jorge Trevino, Mario Hernandez, Aleksei. The Low Net Scores with First Place capturing the coveted Governors Trophy were: 1st Place Low Net score of 53 Team US Airconditioning/Metcro, David Gonzales, Frank Villareal and two unnamed stars; 2nd Place Low Net score of 54 Team InterceramicJaime Olmos, Rene Bejarano, Erick Acosta, Fernando de las Casas; 3rd Place Low Net score of 55 Team Distrubuidora Superior – Roberto Quinos, Marco A Gutierrez, Pablo, Felipe.
Accolades from the organizers go to all companies and individuals involved in this annual charity extravaganza – The Universal Golf Foundation, La Ventana del Mar, Las Caras de Mexico, El Dorado Ranch; Major Sponsors – Tecate, Z-Gas, Interceramic,R-Mac, US Airconditioning/Metcro, Cocinas Institucionales, Forsgren/Gardner, CasaBlanca, Cemex, Monex, La Sombra Elegancia, Medical Group, Perla del Mar, Chevrolet, Impulsa, San Felipe Storage, Distrubuidora Superior, Mi Casita, Nissan, Ford, California Realty, Cabo Baja, Santander Private Banking, Honda, CristaPuro, and all the many other sponsors and contributors. Of course a celebrity event must have celebrities and indeed they came to San Felipe with all of the zeal and enthusiasm that we associate with stars and athletes. They included Patrika Darbo, Brian Goodell, Ron Hale, Effran Herrera, Roland Kickenger, Kim Kouwabunpat, Bradley Lockerman, Kyle Lowder, Arianne Zuker, Larry Worman, Paula Trickey, Karri Turner, Billy Warlock, and Billy Erickson.

Very special thank yous go out to Sharry Appleyard, Director of Golf at Las Caras de Mexico, her entire staff and all of the volunteers from the community of San Felipe for the donation of their precious time and energy to this worthy event.

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