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Coffee Shop to Bistro in 30 Days or Less

By John Pack

The Coffee Shop in north San Felipe has moved. Owners Nate and Jackie Morace lost their lease on their coffee shop and in a week to the day, found a new home.

Lose a lease, gain a new building. That’s what happened to Nate and Jackie Morace. Owners of the coffee Shop in north San Felipe, they lost their lease and in a week to the day, found a new home. When venerable Sam Grubb of San Felipe Storage heard of their plight, he agreed to construct a new building that would allow them to expand.

The coffee shop is being transformed into a bistro format featuring Mark Dille, former owner and chef of Baja Bistro, a popular gringo takeout from over 3 years ago. The menu will include stuffed cabbage rolls, Cobb, Caesar and other fresh salads, plus a burger and fries basket. Saturday and Sunday brunches will feature Italian and Mexican fusion dishes. “The two foods cross paths well,” says Mark.

The bistro offers both covered and open air patios. Tables and chairs are from Baja Furnishings, Jackie’s interior design studio, where you can shop by catalog for a single piece of furniture, a whole room or a whole house.

The building will be on the northwest corner of highway 5, outside of San Felipe Storage. A new local construction company CanaMex is handling construction, and will take only 30 days from ground breaking to completion. In the meantime, Nate and Jackie have temporarily opened the coffee shop in the storage office. The plan is to be in the new building in mid-January. For those who’ve been asking, Iris is coming back to the new bistro. She’s currently on vacation in Honduras.

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