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Internationally well know artist makes San Felipe, B. C. Mexico his home.

By Robin Waters

Luis Cogley showed such an interest in art as a small child, that his family started him in private art classes at the age of 8. Years later he graduated from National School of Bella Artes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his native country. After graduation, he made his home in Los Angeles, California for 20 years and for some time New Orleans was another place he called home. Many years ago he began visiting San Felipe and for the last four years, he has divided his time between the Baja and Santa Fe, New Mexico. In San Felipe he has found the peace and tranquility essential for the creative process. He says of the sea and mountain views from his studio window, “life and art join in a dynamic partnership”.

His style is fresh, new and innovative, with forms that are at times childlike in simplicity, a contemporary whimsy sometimes mixed with impressionism and occasional surrealism. The palette he uses is bright with color, and the artist attributes his works unique appeal to the primitive need to laugh and have fun. Something he says, so many people do not experience in their daily lives. Cogley’s conviction that art should evoke an immediate response from the viewer has led him to unite painting and sculpture into exciting new art forms. He expresses himself in art pieces that are more than wall décor, such as patio furniture, gates, garden benches, and even pianos, ordinary items that he has transformed into art as part of life. Many of these can be seen in collectors homes throughout the San Felipe area.

Luis says his inspiration reflects his interpretation of the world around him. It comes from the color and shapes of nature, the energy of urban life, the beauty of women, the rhythm of music, bright flowers, a gnarled old tree, or the peace of an icon.

He is currently represented in several galleries in Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, but his collectors come from all over the globe. Luis Cogley pieces can also be found in prestigious corporate locations: Chromacolor Inc. (Chicago, Ill), Kohler Co. (Penn.), Red Fish Restaurant (New Orleans, LA), Temple City Medical Clinic (Temple City, CA) to name a few.

After creating art for so many years he says “it gives me satisfaction to share my feelings, my ideas, and my soul with many people from around the world. I love it when someone smiles and enjoys my works. I feel that my art escorts both adults and children into an uplifted dimension.”
You can see his work locally in his Home/Studio in Las Playas de San Felipe. Look for the gallery sign that is one of his sculpture pieces, on the road to the airport. Or call him for a studio tour at 577-2944. Luis will also be exhibiting at the Blues and Arts Fiesta April 19th 2008.

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