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Letters to the Editor

We picked your publication up at the Palm [restaurant] in Cantamar. it’s a great little magazine. good maps, lots of useful info, interesting articles. keep it up and thank you.
--- Stacy Magic, unknown location

ML: Thank you, we work hard at it and truly appreciate the kind words.

Right on the money! Yes, Mexico is safer than America. I have been living here for five years without any problems of any kind. Thank you for the article and putting a little perspective on all the BS the US news media have been spewing.
--- Charles S., Rosarito Beach

ML: Too often US reporters will regurgitate news off the internet, sensationalize it a little and release it. Many have never even been to Mexico.

Mexico is safer because all the gangsters live here now. Whose hot legs are on the cover of the mag? Mucho love from Ventura.
-Frank Boross, Ventura California

ML: You also have great waves and yes those are Rachel’s, aren’t I lucky. Love back at ya.

Can I get the magazine in the states? I like the new look of the magazine.
-Jason Ramirez, Northridge California

ML: Yes. You can get a subscription for $24 a month (we’re only charging for postage) and have it delivered to your home or office. Be sure to get one for your friends and family…wink…wink…We are also working on a US distribution deal and will have US newsstand soon enough.

Love your magazine. Both the health and tourism issues have helped illustrate what I’ve been telling people for some time, keep it up.
--Lynda C.

ML: We promise.

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