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New Computer and Technology Solutions in San Felipe

Just when you need to get something from your computer, whether a file or something from the Internet, your computer crashes. We’ve all been there.

Now in situations like this, Computing Integral Solutions of San Felipe can help. They’re providing complete computing solutions including system troubleshooting, diagnostics and optimization, virus and spyware detection and removal to data, hard drive recovery, hardware and software installations and custom built computer systems, and they do it either in their office or onsite.

Computing Integral Solutions is a partnership and friendship, between two unrelated guys with the same last name, Cesar Rodriquez, an Electronic Engineer, from Engineering Faculty of U.A.B.C., and a certified technician from Microsoft and Juan Rodriquez, an Informatics Engineer, from the engineering school of the Mexicali Technologic Institute.

Together they provide years of knowledge and experience. Cesar has been working with computers for 12 years, the last 10 in a Mexicali factory as a Manufacturing Engineer, where one of his duties was to keep the computers and network working, along with training and technical support and Juan has been in the technical support business for about 11 years.

Cesar’s family arrived in San Felipe in 1976, when his father started his medical practice. He went to school in San Felipe and later continued his University studies in Mexicali, finishing as an Electronic Engineer in 1996 and stayed in Mexicali for the jobs opportunities.

Juan was born and raised in Mexicali, and as many people there, he had to work to help his family with money. When he was able, he enrolled in school and graduated as an Informatics Engineer.

They provide hardware and solutions for software and hardware problems. They don’t currently sell software, but plan to add software sales soon.

Cesar and Juan want to be the best option in computing technical support for people, small and medium business, by always offering their service with quality and honesty.

”It’s our number one priority and goal is customer satisfaction and quality Service. We assist our clients in order to gain long-term friendship and business.”
You can reach Cesar and Juan at 686-577-2370.

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