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Outdoor Kitchens

When asked, many people will say the number one reason for being in Baja is the weather So, why not enjoy al fresco cooking and dining in your own outdoor kitchen?

Many people already have. The trend is catching on for good reason. Nothing tastes as good as a meal prepared outdoors. Outdoor kitchens range from simple to extravagant. A small workspace and a grill are the basics, but many people are moving the whole kitchen outside. Sinks, built-in ice wells, refrigerators, grills, burners, warming drawers, woks and beer drafts are all becoming popular today. And even baking can be accomplished with a wood fired oven.

Cooking in a wood fired oven can be considered an art in itself, but the rewards are remarkable. Since a wood fired oven can reach much higher temperatures, pizzas, vegetables and seafood cook quickly and are additionally seasoned with that delectable fire-roasted flavor. As the oven cools, roasts, stews, and bread benefit from even cooking as the masonry of the oven slowly releases its heat.

The outdoor kitchen is a natural for entertaining. No more crowds in the kitchen and food prep is easier in a roomy outdoor kitchen. Homeowners are finding the outdoor kitchen is an economical way to increases usability and add value to their properties.

Combine your al fresco kitchen with a shaded seating area, an outdoor fireplace, and a television for a guaranteed home run, Baja style.

About the author, Jonathon E. Spinner is President of Adobe Block Works, Inc. a San Felipe based, design-build firm specializing in adobe construction and dedicated to Old World ingenuity combined with Modern technology. He can be reached by email at

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