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Puerto Peñasco —Infrastructure

Puerto Peñasco —Infrastructure
by Charlie Luse

Infrastructure consists of basic installations and facilities on which a community's continued growth depends, such as roads, schools, transportation, communication commerce and business services. Here are some businesses that are either in Puerto Peñasco or are coming soon, to offer services that make the city a desirable place for permanent residents and vacationers.

Puerto Peñasco has several ongoing and/or planned initiatives. An extensive project paving city streets is underway. Large water lines are being installed to provide the additional water the city needs. A desalination plant is planned to provide drinking water from the Sea of Cortez. The park at the town's entry is being refurbished, and workers are cleaning some of the major streets and roads.

The airport, which is 6km (3.72 miles) north of the city on Highway 8, serves Los Angeles on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays under the name AeroMexico Connect. Flight time is approximately 1 ½ hours with a round trip fare of $318, with schedule and fares subject to change. Aeroservicios Guerrero also flies to the capital city of Sonora, Hermosillo every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The popular Alamo car rental is now operating at the airport. The new International Airport across from the Mayan Palace resort now has a completed runway, with the remaining services to be completed in 15 months. The new airport will accommodate major airlines.

The fishermen’s dock, where many shrimp boats operate, is frequently visited by tourists, so the city recently removed almost 2 ½ tons of waste and debris to make the area more attractive.

The new Coastal Highway will connect Puerto Peñasco through El Golfo to Southern California. When complete, the drive from Southern California or San Felipe to Puerto Peñasco will be approximately 4 ½-5 hours. A new highway is planned to connect the Peñasco-Sonoyta and Peñasco-Caborca highways, and will provide access to the new International Airport.

We now see familiar businesses opening, such as Meineke Car Care Center, with all new state-of-the-art equipment, and several Circle Ks and large Mexican brands such as the new modern supermarket, Super Val, with a new pharmacy adjacent to the store that is open 24/7, with a Domino's Pizza and a Chinese restaurant opening next door.
A new medical clinic operated by an English speaking doctors has modern equipment such X-rays, a laboratory, ultrasound and the city's only CT scanner. In addition to routine care, the clinic offers annual coverage for both families and businesses.

A multi-use spa is under construction and will open this summer. It includes medical facilities and traditional spa services such as massages, sauna, etc. One wing is dedicated to plastic surgery with facilities including apartments for clients to stay in during recovery. Plans also include a dermatologist, dentist and other medical disciplines.

Another development is planning a plaza with shopping, markets and a movie theater!

CIMA, a private school that opened last year, is adding a middle school to its curriculum. This modern facility offers two hours of English each day for elementary aged children, and one hour for preschool children.

During the past year a modern Burger King opened with children's birthday party facilities, including the apparatus for piñatas.

A Cuban restaurant recently opened and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, it has a live musical show with local dancers performing typical rhythms of Cuba such a Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, etc.

An important initiative for Puerto Peñasco was cleaning the beaches, a project undertaken privately by residents in the Sandy Beach area.

A new cigar store recently opened, “La Casa del Habano,” selling authentic Cuban cigars, including the famous Cohiba. It is closely patterned after many US cigar shops and has a refreshment bar, and lounge furniture with a TV so customers can buy cigars, then smoke and relax in comfort in the store.

We are now seeing many things that will make Puerto Peñasco appealing to live in and visit.

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