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Rumble in the Rockadile

Shane Brown

With eight fights on the card and two exhibitions, this was an event to remember. The first exhibition featured two 8-year olds from San Felipe. It ended in a tie as spectators threw coins so they could buy more equipment.

There was a Jiu-Jitsu demonstration presented by Americans Shane Brown and Ken Pottie.

The first official fight featured fighters from Mexicali. It was stopped in the second round for “medical reasons” as one of the fighters didn’t appear to have worked very hard on physical conditioning.

Ensenada and San Luis were next. Just seconds into the second round, Ensenada won by TKO.

The third bout featured Mexicali against a Mexican fighter from New York. Over in 33 seconds by TKO. New York wins.

Bout four, Los Mochis Sinaloa vs. San Felipe won by San Felipe after two knockdowns and finally a knockout.

Bout five had San Felipe losing to Tijuana in 2 minutes by TKO.

In the sixth bout, another pairing of Los Mochis Sinaloa and San Felipe with San Felipe winning again by TKO.

Bout seven, two fighters in their debut fights. Brazil beat Los Mochis Sinaloa by knockout.

The most anticipated fight of the night featured a champion from San Felipe. San Felipe’s faithful were disappointed as Sinaloa won 15 seconds into the 5th round. The win came with a little controversy. The San Felipe fighter had lost his mouth protector and was calling to the referee when the Sinaloa fighter delivered the punch that stopped the fight.

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