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San Felipe Animal Rescue’s Ronda Walpole Honored

An Appreciative San Felipe Honors Ronda Walpole!
San Felipe Animal Rescue’s Ronda Walpole Honored at “Bitchy Bingo”

by Steven Forman

A standing ovation was definitely in order for SFAR founder and benefactor Ronda Walpole at San Felipe Animal Rescue’s giant “Bitchy Bingo” fundraiser at El Dorado Ranch on February 25th. Ronda was somewhat shocked and totally overwhelmed by all the attention she got, which was so rightfully deserved. She has greatly contributed to controlling San Felipe’s stray and indigent dog and cat population---and when nearly 300 people got to their feet to applaud her, she was just blown away---the fact that husband Richard was in attendance, along with daughter Heather, son-in-law Jamie and new grandbaby Brynlee, really made this tribute that much sweeter.

The catalyst for Ronda’s passion for the animal problem in our “small drinking village with a fishing problem,” back in 2003, was the day Ronda befriended a wonderful dog on the beach near her house in Las Palmas. ‘Taxi,’ as she named him was her sidekick around town for years to come, until one day at her home in Show Low Arizona, Taxi walked off the property and never came back. Ronda and her family and friends did everything they could to find Taxi and bring him home, but it was simply not meant to be.

San Felipe artist, Luis Cogley’s painting of Taxi, which was presented to Ronda during her tribute at Bitchy Bingo, left not a dry eye in the house as Ronda approached the stage at the Pavillion to accept the painting of her beloved longtime friend and companion.

Along with the support of her husband and family, Ronda continues to commute regularly to San Felipe from Arizona where she immediately goes to our site in Las Minitas to visit all her furry friends and to check on the health and well being of all who live out there and depend on her for care and solace.

Those of us affiliated with SFAR, as well as those of us who volunteer from time to time, love Ronda Walpole. Not only do we appreciate all she has done for our community, but we were so gratified by the love and support that was shown by her at Bitchy Bingo; which by the way, raised more than $9000 for SFAR’s 2008 Spay/Neuter Project.

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