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San Felipe Management Services

by John Pack

San Felipe Management Services is the result of sixty-five years in managing people and projects and two lives uniting in a shared goal to help San Felipe.

Kristy came to San Felipe in 1998, having seen an advertisement for Mexican resort property selling for only $39.99. She fell in love with San Felipe, and in 2005 became a full-time resident.

Stan was a National Pen Company prize winner and paid his annual dues for ten years. In 1999 he attended a sales presentation, “upgraded” his lot, and decided to go see what he had bought. He came to San Felipe and, like Kristy, he fell in love. In January 2002, he too became a full-time resident.

Prior to moving to Mexico, Kristy had had an executive coaching business in the US and once moved had taught English to the children at DIF and employees at El Dorado Ranch.

Stan spent forty years in the aerospace business in Southern California and held numerous management positions, which included over thirty years of project management experience.

They decided that in San Filipe there was a need for a professional construction management company to be the eyes, ears, and voice for absentee owners during construction. In May of 2005 they launched the San Felipe Management Service. The SFMS team consists of the owner, the architect, the contractor, the legal team, the interior designer, the finishing contractor, and the building inspector.

“People hire us for peace of mind,” says Kristy. Many fall in love with the area, and buy a piece of Baja - Then What? This is where San Felipe Management Services comes in.

They have detailed processes and procedures that bring the team together in two phases: Phase I converts the owners’ dreams into drawings that meet their cost and schedule goals and comply with all developer and government regulations. In Phase II, team members oversee the construction, provide detailed reports and pictures of the progress (via a website), resolve issues and concerns among team members, control payments to the contractor, and ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. We monitor the payment of social security and withhold final payment to the contractor until the Letter of Liberation is in hand—a worry free experience.

San Felipe Management Service is increasingly involved in managing custom homes, homes for developments, managing commercial projects, and inspecting homes for lending agencies. Next month, four homes will be completed and work on several new houses will begin.

Kristy and Stan call San Felipe home and with it being designated a “Destination Point” by the Mexican government, they expect the building market to explode in the next few years. “San Felipe is Palm Springs with an ocean. How can you beat that?” Kristy says with her warm smile.

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