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Warm & Cozy: An Artists Retreat

It’s said “the home is where the heart is” and in the case of this artist’s retreat it couldn’t be truer. This beautiful home is as warm and comforting as the owner and builder Melody Ashley. But this isn’t just any retreat; this gorgeous house is built from old tires. It was just three years ago next month that she started the project. She first started by building the block structure and the property wall from tires she’s collected around the San Felipe area.

Melody was inspired by the actor Dennis Weaver and the huge home in Colorado he built from tires some years appeared in Architectural Digest and spurred interest in the 1970’s. She loves the look and insulation value and the fact that it cleans up the environment.

Melody found that in Mexico, over 40 million tires (llantas) are deemed unusable annually and according to Grupo Reforma Servicio Informativo of Mexico, in Mexicalli alone, the state capital of Baja Norte, there are over 10 million tires stocked piled as waste. As a very environmentally conscious person, this was a great motivator.

The Master Bedroom unit was started 17 months ago and is built entirely of tires and since then she has built several more homes of tires and has many new projects in the works. If you want to see an environmentally sound and beautiful home, then visit Melody and see the organic beauty of this incredible artist retreat of tires. The home is approximately 5 miles north of San Felipe on the Westside of the highway, just three blocks behind the radio tower and Moto 2000

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