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Bamboo Garden: A New Favorite in Ensenada

By Lisa Shannon

When one thinks about Mexico, very seldom would “authentic Szechuan cuisine” come to mind. But in Ensenada, there is an excellent place on Riveroll called Bamboo Garden. The owners, Sam and Nancy Wong, are at the restaurant daily to meet and greet customers, and Nancy can often be found in the kitchen cooking. Nancy recommends the house specialty―a special bone-in Curry Chicken. Curry Chicken is a favorite among many Chinese, so this is a great choice at Bamboo Garden.

Eating at this restaurant is an experience because it’s more than just the flavor of the food; it’s the service, the presentation of the meal, and the overall atmosphere of the restaurant. Their wonton appetizers are fantastic and their hot mustard is exquisite. The meals are steamy and aromatic and the scent of curry wafts through the room. Anyone interested in gourmet Chinese should experience Bamboo Garden and see for themselves just how incredible the food is.

Bamboo Garden is located on Riveroll between 1st (Lopez Mateos) and 2nd Streets in Ensenada.

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