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El Cheapo: San Felipe’s First Discount Store

If you’ve walked through The Plazita recently, you might have noticed some construction going on at the corner store. Your curiosity was likely piqued by the sight of construction workers frantically building shelves and painting walls. You may have wondered, “What could they possibly be building?”

Passersby would have seen merchandise being moved in – boxes of cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, wrapping paper, and tools. There was such a wide array of items that it was difficult to keep up!

After an agonizing wait, the day of the grand opening arrived. The shelves were lined with goods for every conceivable need. Apart from the wide selection, it’s nice to know that because of this one-stop-shop’s reasonable prices, more money will stay in your wallet – where it belongs!

Customers lined up for body wash, shampoo, play toys for dogs, sandwich baggies, and dish soap. While the only edible item within the store is candy, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there are more than enough other stores in town that carry groceries.

El Cheapo is like an old Five and Dime from the days of yore. It’s a pleasant surprise to have a store like that right here in San Felipe. Stop by in the evenings and meet the owner and the rest of the crew at El Cheapo, and get all the little items you need in one convenient location.