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Importing Household Goods into Mexico

Moving to Mexico can be an exciting adventure, but can also be frustrating and sometimes even a little scary. One of the more complex tasks in moving is shipping your household goods across the border. As a US citizen you are allowed a one time exemption from paying duty on your used belongings. That does not mean that you cross for free. Before your goods are allowed across the border there is a complex set of requirements that must be met. Here is an abbreviated list of the things that must be done to cross:

1. You must have a complete inventory of your household goods listed in both English and Spanish.
2. Anything with a serial number, i.e. appliances, stereo, TV etc. must be listed with model and serial number.
3. Your inventory must be taken to the Mexican consulate nearest your home in the USA and stamped.
4. You must have an FM 3 or an FM 2 from Mexican immigration.
5. You need proof of residence in the USA (an electric bill will work).
6. You need proof of residence in Mexico (again an electric bill will work).
7. You need to hire an import broker to prepare documents for crossing.
8. You need to hire a company with an import license to document your crossing.
9. When you arrive at the border with all the above paperwork your truck may be unloaded for inspection and you will be charged for that plus the cost of reloading.
10. If your trucker doesn’t have licenses on both sides of the border you will have to have your goods trans loaded to a Mexican truck.

There are a number of people who claim to be able to move your goods across the border for you. BE CAREFUL! Check references. Many of these people are smugglers, and you risk having your belongings confiscated along with the truck. The fines run in the thousands of dollars. Mexican customs has become very demanding on this issue and just driving across the border is no longer an option. You can go through the process yourself, but it can be overwhelming in its complexity and many large USA moving companies have no idea how to handle the border crossing issues. When selecting a company to help with the move ask if they can:

1. Translate and format your inventory for you.
2. Handle all the import paperwork for you.
3. Have a truck that can pick up your goods at your USA home and deliver to your home in Mexico without trans loading.
4. Can unload at your new home
5. Have experience and local references to confirm their legitimacy.
6. Will give you a firm quote for the entire package.

With proper help it can be a smooth, enjoyable process. Welcome home.
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