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Letters to the Editor

We have lived in Baja for nearly 5 years now. Just picked up our first copy of your excellent publication, very interesting, informative and well organized. Such an improvement over the rag [name omitted] that us ex-patriots had here before. It’s great not having to read trash about the place we have chosen to live and call home. Best of luck. - Dottie Leeper

Thank you very much. We will continue to do our best.

My wife has Multiple Scleroses (MS) and I was just wondering if there is some kind of fund raiser for the MS Society in Mexico, because I want my wife to live a happy and long life. I also want to know if you can do research on Multiple Scleroses and put an article. - R. P. Jones.

We will looked into it and be sure to include it in our Health and Wellness edition. We would like to also encourage our readers to send us any information they may have on MS in Mexico to

We love Baja and bought a home. No matter how good your Cruz Roja or General Hospital when minutes count, the ambulance is too slow and the technicians don’t understand English. My sister broke her ankle and it took 40 minutes for the ambulance to come from Rosarito and 40 minutes back again to Cruz Roja, then a 40 minute trip to the border to be transferred. The stress and pain was too much for her heart and she had a heart attack. She was barely breathing when she reached a hospital in SD. Because of this ongoing situation we had to leave our home. I feel responsible to tell people that the medical service, especially ambulance is very bad. - J. Pratt

I am sorry to hear about your sister, I hope she has recovered okay. I don’t know how recently this happened, but Rosarito now has a medical assistance program ( with 24-hour bilingual support and the area just received additional ambulances by the government in March.

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