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Los Arcos Restaurant and Happy Jackass - San Felipe staples

by Benjamin Eugene

Sue and Cliff have been in business for four years, two at the same location on the south side of the Arches entering San Felipe. Sue has been in San Felipe for 24 years and Cliff has been here 6 years and both have extensive experience in the restaurant industry.

They believe the most exciting thing about owning a restaurant is seeing your hard work pay off through the smiles and compliments of the guests. The summer months can be slow at the restaurant, “the worst thing is the heat in the summer,” says Cliff.

However, the summer is a great time for making changes and additions. They’ve begun renovation of the restaurant with the first phase, the installation of a new water treatment system. They now have potable cold and hot water from the tap.

Two of their most popular dinners are the filet mignon dinner and the chicken fried steak. “And, of course, our burgers,” Cliff adds.

They have also added new menu items, including new burgers, like the pizza burger and Cuban burger, and other items like a Tri-tip for two, Caribbean rib eye, Philly white pizza, and Pepper Jack pizza, to name a few.

They’ve also hired some new employees. Cliff says, “They have worked out well, everyone is pitching in.”

The Happy Jackass, the bar attached to the restaurant, keeps things lively by offering Karaoke nights on Fridays, and various live music other nights of the week; it also hosts the semimonthly San Felipe Lion’s Club meetings. “Having activities for the patrons helps both the bar and the restaurant during slow times,” he says.

Cliff envisions San Felipe rebounding from the current economic downswing in the next 12 to 18 months: “These things are cyclical. It seems we think that every time things occur that it is the first time. It isn't. Remember 1979, 1992, & 2001. It all goes around.”

Cliff would like to see San Felipe promoted as a destination resort by the Mexican Tourist Bureau. “We have a lot of great attributes as a city,” he says.

Stop by Los Arcos Restaurant and The Happy Jackass and say hello to Cliff and Sue, you can’t miss them, they’re on the right as you enter San Felipe. Tell them you saw them in Mexico Living!

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