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Real Estate in Puerto Peñasco

Some useful tips to finding the right property

by Gretchen Ellinger

Did you fall in love with Puerto Peñasco and decide to buy something, anything, as long as it is in, or near, Puerto Peñasco? So you decide, “All I want is a little shack on the beach and I’ll be happy—it doesn’t have to be on the beach just near the beach or just in Puerto Peñasco.” Then, after looking at ads and driving around, you realize, “A shack on the beach is how much? I thought property in Mexico was cheap. When I said ‘shack’ I wasn’t thinking of this, and look what’s next door. I need something a little nicer in a better area.”

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Choosing your Mexico property with your realtor (see “Choosing Your Realtor” in Mexico Living, Sept. 2008) will result in finding the right property for you, taking into account your needs, expectations, budget, and dreams. The first step is to get to know the area with the help of your realtor. Get a map, an overview of the area from your realtor, and your realtor’s business cards.
Drive around, stroll the beaches and streets, and visit with everyone. Drop into open houses and look at the developments, always presenting your realtor’s card to the on-site salespeople.

The phone numbers you see on signs? Don’t call them, as that’s your realtor’s job. If you think you might be in love, photograph the property and the sign, and write down the phone number for your realtor. If you are willing to do this research, you will quickly eliminate areas you don’t like, and you may find the area that you do like. Chances are you will find several good possibilities, and now your realtor can find properties in these areas, in your price range, and that meet your specifications that you can look at together.

Your realtor will make appointments, get keys, print out information sheets from the MLS, take you to the properties, and help you to evaluate how the property may meet your needs. If you have questions about a property, you can ask them together if you are at a development or, at individual properties, your realtor can inquire on your behalf. Often through the process of elimination, you whittle your list to one property—your piece of Paradise!

The process of finding a property may require multiple trips to Puerto Peñasco. Between trips, you can surf the Internet and stay in touch with your realtor regarding your possibilities and new properties found by your realtor. If you just need a weekend to play in the sun with your friends, do that! But separate fun from finding property as a sunburn and cerveza do not mix well with a search for property. You are making a significant investment and taking your time, while working closely with your realtor, will benefit you in the end.

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