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Rosarito Citizens Committee Helps Residents with Security Issues

by Carlos Duran

Left to right: Adriana Garcia Torres, Administrative Assistant; Lic. Ricardo Moreno Villa, President; Yahaira Yarent Ramírez Leyva, Assistant to the President.

The State President of the Citizens Public Safety Committee, Lic. Jose Carlos Vizcarra Lomeli, recently explained that Rosarito police authorities have, as of late, greatly improved. “That doesn’t mean their work is finished, on the contrary, there is still much to be accomplished. As citizens, we need to participate by placing complaints concerning abuse of authority, a practice we, as a society, are still very afraid to do,” he explained.

“We must not be satisfied with simply complaining about it. We need to address the problems and place complaints utilizing the proper channels,” he continued, “Many of the arrests of late, have been due to citizens calling-in to report drug sales, or possible kidnapper’s movements. Calls that citizens have made have helped solve many of our criminal cases.”

“(Some) police have earned their reputation as being complicit with criminals, and many of them have been expelled. It is up to us to be vigilant and work with the police and other authorities who are, for the most part, trustworthy and reliable,” he explained.

To that end, Rosarito now has its own Citizens Committee for Public Safety to help residents wade through the bureaucracy of public safety reporting as well as follow-up.

The newly-elected president of Rosarito’s Committee for Public Safety, Lic. Ricardo Moreno Villla, and six members of the community, most of whom are bilingual, are actively involved in helping residents, with a storefront office located just one block east of the Kontiki bridge, next to a Bimbo bread outlet, and is open Monday – Saturday. Phone if 661-612-7657 for more information. Anonymous numbers for reporting suspicious activity directly to the Mexican military are 686-557-1095, 686-685-0297.

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