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SeaMexico Realty Makes Living The Good Life Easy

by Carlos Duran

Their New Project Playa San Rafael is Safe Secure and Affordable with amazing conveniences
to brokers, agents and buyers.

[photo: Greg Anderson, SMR Sales Manager poses with H2 Limo]

“Safe, Secure, and Affordable” are words that brokers dream about when touting investments in Baja California’s residential resort communities. Playa de Oro and Playa San Rafael seaside developments in San Felipe boast these essential qualities. The two communities, led by Bruce Parkman and Randall Bolster, are developments of Parkstrong Management and Development (PMD), which has over twenty years experience, and are sold exclusively through San Felipe-based SeaMexico Realty.

“We provide true ownership, resort-class pools and restaurants, as well as USA Title Insurance and underground utilities, in a safe gated community,” says Randy, “which is why Playa de Oro is only a couple of lots away from being completely sold out.”

The man behind Playa de Oro, Bruce Parkman, is a genuine pioneer when it comes to resort developments for American and Canadian clients looking for “a little place for the weekend or a lifetime, and in the low $200’s for land and home.”

Bruce began in 1988, when National Penn Company still owned El Dorado Ranch, arguably the largest development in Mexico. “They were just starting their program and were just talking about what they were going to do.”

Back before the turn of the century, Bruce recalls that “most of the property was owned by ejidos (Mexican land co-ops). We would lease it from them, and it was large parcels. It was impossible to get a small parcel for a sub-division. Nevertheless, we had people who wanted to buy. The only thing we could sell in those days was the San Francisco development, the Hacienda development, and some lots in town. I thought that if we had a good sub-division, Americans would buy it – if we could make it safe and secure.” There are those two magical words again: safe and secure. Bruce added the last one – affordable.

[photo: Greg Anderson, SMR Sales Manager poses with SMR plane used to bring clients to San Felipe]

“We ran a real estate company until 1999. During the first years, 1994-95, we had a huge demand for property, but there was none,” says Bruce. That’s when he started looking around. Before 1993, a non-national could not own developments, so when Mexico changed the law and created trust ownership (fideicomiso) so that foreigners could own outright, in 1994 he formed the very first real estate corporation owned by a non-national in Mexico.

In an interview he recalls, “We had a man here from the real estate control department in Mexico City. He had a map of all the lots on the north side of San Felipe, but Playa de Oro was the only property that showed all of the individual lots. So I asked him why Playa de Oro was the only development to show all the lots, and he said that Playa de Oro was well-known in Mexico City, because it was the only development 100% owned by a non-national who is legally approved to transfer title to non-nationals—in all of Mexico.”

But Bruce didn’t stop there. PMD is now developing larger lots at Playa San Rafael, just a half-mile north of Playa de Oro. SeaMexico Realty is also the exclusive sales arm of that operation. “It seems people wanted bigger lots,” he tells us, “so that’s what we’ve done. We have 330 plus lots over there and we’ve sold about 60 in pre-sales.”

Greg Anderson, Sales Manager at SeaMexico Realty, mentioned that other developments in town are greatly reducing their building activity, even though the city of San Felipe is demonstrating their optimism by installing infrastructure to encourage development. Playa San Rafael is taking advantage of this by continuing development during the summer and the economic downturn. He added, “Now is definitely the best time to invest in Playa San Rafael.”
[photo: new resort pool at Playa San Rafael]

“As a residential resort community, Playa San Rafael will have bigger lots, paved roads, and the only true ‘resort pools.’ We’ll also be terracing the front five rows of lots toward the beach side, which will give each of the rows an elevation change from the lots in front, so that there will be fantastic views available even from lots further back from the sea,” explained Randall Bolster of SeaMexico Realty. He adds, “The Recreation Center will be run by an experienced fitness company and provide modern state-of-the-art equipment and training. The plans also include a massage and beauty center, tennis courts, horseshoe, a bocce ball court, and possibly a putting area for kids and teens.”

Brokers and Realtors are invited to “come down to visit the communities in either our stretch Hummer or in Greg’s private plane. There is no cost, no pressure; simply to do due diligence on the properties.”

You can visit Playa San Rafael in north San Felipe off Mexico 5 at KM 178. You can contact SeaMexico Realty’s sales office in Mexico at 011-52-686-576-0223, or from the United States at 888-433-5473. We are online at or C’mon down!

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