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September Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the information regarding moving to Mexico. My wife and I have been recurring tourists for many years now, but with the way the housing market is, we’re seriously considering making the big move. Your magazine is a real motivator. - Jim & Lisa H., Riverside

We hope the edition will give you additional ideas and provide you with answers to some of your real estate questions.

[Translated] Do you plan to publish some of your articles in Spanish? I enjoy reading the magazine each month, but my Spanish is better than my English. - Arturo L., Ensenada

At this time we are not prepared to publish in Spanish. We do hope to offer both English and Spanish online in the first quarter of 2009. Our goal is to provide useful information to English-speaking visitors and homeowners, both as a guide to attractions and activities, and as a resource for those living in Mexico.

How can I get back issues of the magazine? I would also like to know if it’s possible to get multiple copies of the magazine. We think it is a useful tool in our real estate office in the United States. We have many people ask us about Mexico and your magazine is the perfect way for us to easily tell them about it – we just hand them Mexico Living. The problem is that I can’t let clients keep a copy because I don’t want to give mine up. Keep up the good work. - Tony B., Phoenix

Thank you. Yes, all the back issues are available for purchase online ( Additionally, all back issues can be downloaded free of charge and viewed from a computer or printed locally. This is a great way for advertisers to print one-sheets for their clients. If you require larger quantities of the guide for handout at your office, you can purchase them at cost by contacting us.

The “Moving to Mexico” issue was great, but I was hoping for a cost of living comparison. My wife and I are considering the move, but really don’t know what it’ll cost. - John & Linda C., Huntington Beach

Our December edition is all about shopping and the cost of living. We will be providing a comprehensive cost comparison between the US and Mexico, including real estate, household items, personal items, groceries, and more. We will have direct brand comparison as well as provide comparisons of Mexican alternatives to common US products.

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