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Street Dogs and Pets Experience the Benefits of Spaying & Neutering!

by Steven Forman

Since ZAPP (the Zero Additional PUP-ulation Project) started doing spay and neuter clinics twice a month, the local Mexican community has really gotten onboard with our program. Every two weeks, the “Shout Out” Cars spend six hours inviting the public to bring their pets to the weekend event. We’ve noticed as many as 90-95% of the folks bringing in the street dogs and cats, as well as their own pets, are from the local neighborhoods.

The best part, aside from the fact, that we are successfully “halting” the dog and cat population explosion in San Felipe, is that these dogs will ultimately live longer healthier lives, as a result of sterilization—less dogs hit on the road by speeding cars, because they no longer chase female scent, and females who have had litter after litter are lining up to thank us for the work we do! Since January ZAPP clinics have fixed 656 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

Education thru exposure and repetition is extremely powerful, and the results make our program feel extremely successful and we’re very validated. Rosarito Beach has the benefit of Sunny Benedict and the Baja Animal Sanctuary which has been working diligently for years, and Ensenada has a new group

I’m told called “4 Patas”, or Four Paws. “Por Gente los Animales” out of Mexicali is at work and active, as well as the “Give Some Life Foundation” in Tijuana.

These grass root volunteer run organizations need all the support they can get, so if you’re a “closet” animal advocate and live in any of these cities and towns, now’s your chance to “come out” and step up. There are many ways to help!

ZAPP Spay/Neuter Clinics in San Felipe are scheduled for October 11th & 25th, November 8th & 22nd, and the last clinic of the year will be held on December 13th. Our clinics are run under the direction of Dr. Antonio Solis, a Surgical Professor from the University of Baja Veterinary School, and clinics are held at Conalep School on Manzanillo in San Felipe. Surgeons work on collapsible ironing boards, and clinics are staffed by volunteers.

If you are involved in a humane rescue effort or spay/neuter project in Northwest Mexico, please contact me at so we can give you the support and exposure you need to help you get the near impossible job done in your community.

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