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The Whale Man

Alfonso Arambula Robles

Inspiring many with a message of conservation for life and the planet earth, I displayed a monumental sculpture “The Whale Man” in Entijuanarte 2008, which took place at the Cultural Center of Tijuana (CECUT) on October 4 and 5.

I wrote The Legend of the Whale Man a few years back. A local friend and poet, Lauro Acevedo helped to “polish” it and my love Bernie translated it into English. Recently I created the sculpture from the legend. The Whale Eye was made by Aida Valencia, friend and artist; in collaboration for the whole installation. The Eye represents the interactive portion of the sculpture, allowing people to connect and participate in its statement for conservation.

All of us felt the energy and positive response of the people. There were young people who touched the Eye as a commitment to continue the message of loving and caring for the planet and parents who leaned in with their babies to touch it. We took the Eye down to a lady that was in a wheelchair, so she could share in touching it. Some curious people even came closer to touch the main structure to confirm that in fact the whale bones are real. We had a book for comments—beautiful comments written by young and old. I was interviewed by school kids for art projects and local TV stations. Well-known personalities also came to view it: José Luis Cuevas, famous Mexican painter; Rick Steves, traveling expert from PBS programs on travel in Europe (he was on vacation, not working). Bernie took over 500 pictures during the two day event.

What an experience! We are in the process of getting all this on my website:

“The Whale Man” will be on exhibit in Ensenada at the State Center for the Arts (CEARTE) for two months, starting November 19 as my personal exhibit; along with my “Mermaid” and “Humans,” which are already located there.

I would like to say Hola and thank you to Mexico Living for this opportunity offered to me, forming part of their editorial staff. In my column, I will participate with themes related to art and culture within Baja California.

Alfonso Arambula Robles

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