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International Funds Transfers Made Easy

Naomi Black

How do you transfer funds from your U.S. bank into your Mexico bank account? Do you find wire transfers or other procedures to be costly and often time consuming and confusing?
Discover Monex! Founded in 1985, Monex is Mexico's premier foreign exchange institution. As a state-of-the-art currency trading service, Monex has nearly 50 offices throughout Mexico and has led the way in bringing online tools and services to Mexico, better serving non-Mexican clients who live, work and invest in Mexico.

Monex does not charge for opening or maintaining accounts, offers better exchange rates than banks, can structure investment accounts in Pesos or other currencies and accepts non-Peso denominated checks and converts them to Pesos.
You can do virtually all of your banking from the comfort of your own home in any country. You can receive funds from Mexico or pay bills in Mexico. The one service that is indispensable, however, is the reasonable and efficient ability to make international funds transfers.

Additionally, Monex provides industry-leading investments and securities advice and account management tools. Monex is universally known for personal service, in-depth market knowledge and responsiveness.
An employer of over 500 financial professionals, Monex has received awards from the Great Place To Work Institute as one of Mexico’s 50 Best Employers. The company has also received the Corporate Social Responsibility Award from the Mexican Philanthropy Center in recognition of their ongoing efforts on behalf of the less fortunate in Mexico.

In Puerto Penasco, Monex is located in the Plaza del Sol Professional Building on Blvd Fremont. Call (638) 388-5764 ext. 2802

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