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Mad Gringo to the Rescue

Confused, emotionally battered and with his shirttail flapping in the breeze, Gene Robinson needed help.

Robinson, a self-described “old geezer,” was the victim of fashion vigilantes. Gene is an aficionado of the Hawaiian shirt, but he’s a true rebel. He tucks his shirt in. He says it just feels right.

One evening, Gene was walking out of a restaurant with his wife. From behind him, a woman said he’d look better if he untucked his shirt. Suddenly, he felt a tug on his shirttail. He turned around to find a beautiful young woman, and she lifted his shirt out of the front of his pants too. The woman said, “Now you look like a real handsome old duffer!”

Gene’s wife was amused at the whole scenario, but Gene was perplexed. At that moment, another woman walking by said, “Don't you just love these old guys with the big fat stomachs who try to disguise it by wearing their shirts on the outside?"

For the next few weeks, Gene was in a daze. Tucked or untucked? He tried to go out one day with the front of his shirt tucked in and the back out, but his wife wouldn’t let him out of the house like that. In desperation, he wrote to Dear Abby for advice.

Her reply: Stop wearing Hawaiian shirts.

The folks at Mad Gringo got wind of this situation and decided they couldn’t let Gene suffer any more. Mad Gringo specializes in tropical apparel, like Hawaiian shirts, sarongs, beach dresses and beach-themed T-shirts. Greg Chambers, the Chief Mad Gringo, said, “I could just imagine Gene’s internal conflict. There were too many people giving advice. We wanted to make him happy again.”

Mad Gringo contacted Gene and offered him a free shirt as consolation for all of his troubles. After some deliberation, he chose the Tiger Eye Tropical Party Shirt, which has a smoky black and mango pattern.

For now, it seems Gene’s troubles are over. Confidence restored, he has been seen both on the golf course and on the town. He’s decided to follow his inner voice and tuck in his Hawaiian shirts. It just feels right.

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