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Our Little Miss Baja

by Lisa Shannon

San Felipe has been chosen to hold the first Our Little Miss Scholarship Pageant in Mexico on December 6, 2008. The host agency, The World Youth Federation, is a scholarship pageant founded by Marge Hannaman in 1962. She wanted to create a program designed for girls and women that would build confidence and award scholarship monies to the winners. Our Little Miss Scholarship (OLM) Pageant was born in the United States and it grew worldwide by the 1970s.

For the past 46 years, The World Youth Federation’s philosophy has been to provide a positive environment for children and young women to express themselves in public speaking, modeling and talents. Those involved in the program want to provide positive role models and work diligently to keep the girls in school. The local directors know that the only way for them to attain all they can be is through education. These young ladies and women have excelled to the highest levels of their professions. Although the company has never attempted to represent the winners through personal management, many of the girls have used their titles effectively in acquiring television commercials and movie roles. When the new Mickey Mouse Club was aired in 1975-76 by Disney, five of the seven girls selected after a major nationwide search had been directly involved in the Our Little Miss Pageant. Since those years, winners of earlier pageants are still being seen today: Jennifer Love Hewitt and Madalyn Sweeten (Everybody Loves Raymond) also held Our Little Miss titles. OLM girls can be seen on almost every cable and network station, some being in front of the camera and others as network executives.

Each winner is required to fulfill certain obligations during her year as Queen, including 30 hours of community service and traveling to other competitions to work and assist directors and other competitors. In 2006 the winners and their families helped to raise funds worldwide for Habitat for Humanity; as a result of those efforts, a home was built for a family who had lost theirs after Hurricane Katrina.

The organization has funded over 1,500 scholarships worldwide. The pageant will be held on December 6, 2008, at Cobach High School’s amphitheater starting at 10 a.m. Professional pageant judges and royalty from around the world will arrive to kick off this event.

Please contact Vickie Silva at (686) 175-5420 or email if you have any questions or need additional information.

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