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Pets: The Holiday Gift

The Holiday Gift That Ultimately Stops Giving Altogether!

by Steven Forman, ZAPP Spay/Neuter Project, San Felipe


What a year this has been, huh? A new President, like him or not, an ailing economy, and if that’s not enough, it’s time to shop for the Holidays again. As someone who has no two-legged children or grandchildren, I was thinking how terrific it would be if I could get folks to really give the gift that will ultimately stop giving altogether!


Here in Northwest Mexico, we have numerous animal rescue groups and spay/neuter projects that are really “dog tired” when it comes to raising funds to keep up their projects. The puppy and kitten adoption market has dried up as a result of the economy and displacement of animals due to foreclosures. Spay/neuter projects are struggling to stay ahead of the population in their respective streets and neighborhoods. We are constantly trying to keep up our sterilization numbers, so we can someday reach what might be considered zero population growth. Sometimes it feels like emptying the ocean, one teaspoon at a time, and although we get discouraged, and the task is daunting, we keep up the good fight.


This Holiday season, instead of buying ridiculous, overpriced $25 bags of assorted chew toys at Costco or PetSmart for your pets, how about a donation to one of the hard-working animal rescue groups or spay/neuter projects operating south of the U.S. border. It’s not like any of our your well cared for, well groomed, well fed pets really know it’s Christmas or Hanukah anyway. And if they could understand your motivation for directing their Christmas money to a deserving street dog or cat, given how you brought them up, wouldn’t they think it’s great?


All of us involved in the day-to-day struggle to feed and “fix” our four-legged friends, so they no longer deliver unvaccinated high-risk litters of puppies and kittens that starve and die in the streets and under cars in Mexico, would surely appreciate your financial support.


Here’s all you have to do to reach out to any of the humane groups in the towns that Mexico Living covers monthly. Please sit down at your computer, whether you’re in San Felipe, Ensenada, Puerto Penasco, Rosarito Beach, Tijuana or Mexicali and make a donation, so that we can continue our work by spaying and neutering these unwanted “cuties of the streets.”


I realize that this is the gift that will ultimately stop giving altogether, but that is what our work is truly about. Gringos in Mexico step up and improve the quality of life for both people and animals—that’s just what we do!


In Rosarito Beach, you can donate to Baja Animal Sanctuary by going to , in San Felipe you can donate to ZAPP at or San Felipe Animal Rescue at


In Ensenada, you can contact Elinor Morrison from “Four Paws” at , “Give Some Life” in Tijuana at or “Por Gente los Animales” in Mexicali at

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