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Puerto Peñasco: Around Town with Tom and Rita

Happy New Year! Here are some things that have been happening around town.

We had a blast at Kasia's birthday party. It started at Swim in Bella Sirena where Kenny Wallace, Puerto Peñasco's very own party man (and Kasia's boyfriend), had everything planned and ready including the perfect gazebo, banner, cake and a great flower bouquet. Ahh, how nice to be 26 and beautiful! Then things got wilder and the party went on at Sunset Cantina and ended at Elixir, the local's favorite nightclub.

Another Bella Sirena Event was Anne and Chad's wedding—who would have thought that our most popular bachelor would get married? There are probably dozens of girls crying all over Puerto Peñasco! Anne was sporting a nice big rock and a wonderful smile, and the couple couldn't have looked happier.

A yearly event people look forward to is the Rocky Point Bike Rally. This charity event was another success with thousands of bikers from the U.S. and Mexico converging to have a great time. The event includes a poker run, concerts, parades, bike shows and bar hopping fun.

On National Conservation Day, our local CEDO (Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, winners of the 2008 National Conservation Award) organized a parade. Kids and adults rode bicycles, skates, scooters and walked; these are a few healthy ways to save the earth especially when distances aren't as big as it is the case in our town. Then the little ones headed to the beach in Playa Bonita to fly kites and learn that the wind can be harnessed to create renewable energy—who knew that learning could be so much fun?

In Playa Encanto, we stopped when we saw a truck full of a different material, upon further investigation we learned it is called "Perform Wall." Tommy had to help unload this truck full of giant blocks made out of recycled polystyrene, concrete, water and other additives. This shipment came from Mexicali; thus avoiding import taxes. We are very pleased to see a new green home going up in Playa Encanto. Congratulations to Eli and John Maurx from Sedillo, NM, on their new beach home and great choice of materials!

The biggest local Mexican parade each year comes the day of the Revolution. Families from all over Puerto Peñasco join this huge event in which most of the people from the town come out to enjoy the music, performers, cheerleaders, all disciplines of sports, kids dressed up with costumes bringing historical reminiscences of the time, and so much more. The parade ends in the stadium where some have demonstrations of the different disciplines. My daughter Daniela and I joined the parade with our Tae Kwon Do group as Tommy took pictures. Daniela did a great job with the Tae Kwon Do forms and broke two boards at the demonstration.

Rita Pizarro is a local massage therapist and freelance writer. Thanks to Tom Thomas, local home inspector. You can reach both of them at (602) 748-4134 or

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