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San Felipe Happenings

Hey all! This month was fun in San Felipe. We had the luxury of experiencing the weather change (YEAAAAAA!) and have been soaking up the fall temperatures. Not getting much over 90 degrees now, and it's nice and cool in the evenings, perfect for rooftop galas . . . and rooftop sleeping. So, to go over what has happened in San Felipe over the summer and bring all the semi-locals up to date, we'll start north of town with Playa de Oro. In July, Jim and Shirley Moore got out of the restaurant business and sold Jimmy’s Beach Bar and Grill to Brian Wilson, formerly of Vista del Mar. It's been quite a change around the club, including the name now referred to as simply The Beach Bar & Grill. You can still go and enjoy all your favorite sports and great food and drinks, but the music of Agave Blues is no longer blasting the rafters of the club. You will find Name That Tune on Thursday evenings with Denny Flannigan and Vatos Locos on Friday nights. Don't count Agave Blues out, though. You never know what those guys will do next. Maybe we'll see something spin off from the band. Time will tell. On September 10, Mexico Living Guide promoted an event called Flamenco Night at Playa de Oro. The buzz about this event is still in the air, an incredible pair of Flamenco guitarists and a dancer came for the one night event. We certainly look forward to the next time. And there will be a next time! Pete's Camp Poker Run had a decent turnout this year. I think there was only one lost Hummer in the tide this year. UGH! Fast-forward to the end of October . . . Anybody hear about the Burger Throwdown? On Thursday, October 30 at Fatboys, an impromptu contest was hosted to see who made the best burger: Jimmy of Baja Jimmy's (formerly of Backstreet Patio Grill) and Tom of Fatboys. From what I heard, Jimmy challenged Tom to a competition. The judges were two local guys—James, Bob and Ray—and I guess Jimmy won by a very small margin. So, both guys make great burgers, so visit one of them for your beefy treat. And of course the greatest event to close the month . . . HALLOWEEN! Parties abound in San Felipe to celebrate the Day of the Dead. ZAPP's Steven Forman put on an amazing festival at The Beachcomber, raising funds for the Spay/Neuter Project. Latin Garden hosted the 4th Annual Flannigan's Halloween Monster Mash, and it was a great success as well. Playa de Oro unfortunately didn't plan a big party, but they offered great specials all night long and Vatos Locos played through to the witching hour. Watch this column for more news and event reporting. Make sure to extend an invitation to Mexico Living Guide staff for your next event!

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