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Casey’s Place – So many services under one umbrella

Casey Hamlin has been in San Felipe operating Casey’s Place for over 12 years. He came to San Felipe with his son, Derek, in 1996, drawn by the mystique of the Sea of Cortez and its natural beauty. His son, now business partner, is a English-Spanish translator for the Mayor’s office and is also assisting Steven Forman with the Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project (ZAPP) to reach out to the Mexican population.

Whether you stay right at Casey’s Place or any of the other rentals in his pool, repeat customers would agree, this family-run business has hospitable staff with friendly faces to make your stay in San Felipe an enjoyable one. Casey’s hosts a variety of services, from vacation rentals and property management to desert tours and healing massage therapy. In addition, they offer professional photography, videography for your special event, sound equipment rental, as well as DJ and karaoke services. He also builds and hosts websites.

Casey’s has over 30 vacation homes in different areas of town, on the beach, to suit every need and size of party. Casey’s property management makes all that possible, helping local homeowners rent out their vacation properties. He has 114 personal websites in operation and advertises his vacation rentals on many others, giving homeowners top exposure for their vacation properties. Desert tours make it possible to see all that the streets-only travelers miss, and a massage just brings an otherwise perfect day to a close.

This local businessman has been involved in many community efforts, including the beach and general cleanup ( He is also a member of the Lions Club, Rotary and Canaco, is a board member of the San Felipe Red Cross and does all the work for the website he gave the City of San Felipe, Casey says, “We have fun in our business and give back to San Felipe as we all should.”

If you would like more information about Casey’s Place or any of the services mentioned in this article, please visit, email or visit either of these websites for upcoming specials: or You can also reach Casey from the U.S. toll-free by calling (866) 490-0553 or in Mexico (686) 577-1431.

Carnaval de Pelicula 2009 "Una Fiesta con Futuro"

Carnaval de Pelicula 2009 "Una Fiesta con Futuro"
by Steve Dryden

Carnaval de Pelicula 2009 "Una Fiesta con Futuro" takes place from Thursday, February 19, through Tuesday, February 24. Don't miss Ensenada's largest annual event featuring a Mardi Gras style celebration, parades, dancing, races, and family events—all blended with regional food, wine and other spirited beverages. Book your lodging reservations in downtown as soon as possible as rooms disappear rapidly, then put on your walking shoes, beads, colorful clothing and get ready to party! Be prepared to mingle with 85,000 to 90,000 local, regional, national and international guests as they celebrate multiple events over a six-day period. Last year over 500,000 guests roamed the streets of Ensenada over the six-day extravaganza in designated and secure locations without any major problems or security issues. Most intelligent and careful folks parked their vehicles at home or at hotels, walked, ran or taxied to the events. There will be limited parking between 7th and 8th and Miramar during the events for those with designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Admission to almost every event is free with vendors marketing beverages, food, gift items, crafts and souvenirs around the specified event locations in the downtown area. The Mayor's office, law enforcement and event planners focus on event safety and security with on-site patrols, cameras and crowd management techniques. Several children's and family events are featured along with an amazing array of interesting concerts, dance exhibitions, art shows and wine tasting venues being offered. You must be 18 years old to legally consume alcohol, and it is suggested that you pace yourselves as drunk and dangerous conduct will not be tolerated. Drinking is allowed in the "party zones" but not on city streets or in other public areas. Wine tasting will be offered on three nights: Saturday, Feb 21, Sunday, Feb 22 and Tuesday, Feb 24, from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. near Santo Tomas winery on Miramar, between 6th and 8th Ave.

The Carnaval opens on Thursday, February 19, with the traditional Quena del Mar Hunor or the Burning of Bad Humor. This opening event includes fireworks located at Ruiz and 7th, beginning at 8 p.m.

Friday marks the Ceremonia de Coronacion de las Costes Reales or the Coronation of the Carnaval King and Queen and their Court located at Ruiz and 6th beginning at 8 p.m.

Saturday is a main attraction event with Carnaval Atletico or Sports Events that include foot racing and running. This also is the first day of parades beginning at 2 p.m. on Avenida Juarez and Ruiz and Boulevard Costero. The street fair begins at Miramar and 6th at 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. It is traditionally a family day, but watch your children during events and parades to avoid running for candy and gifts during traffic movement. Pick a spot to meet in case somebody gets lost!

Sunday is traditionally celebrated with a Circuito Ciclista or All Ages Bicycle Races on Av. Adolfo Lopez Materos (Calle Primera) or First Ave and Pedro Loyola beginning at 9 a.m. Later in the evening the street fair continues near Santo Tomas winery from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Monday is the "beloved" Baile del Marido Oprimido or the Oppressed Spouse Dance at the Bahia Hotel on Av.Lopez Mateos and Av. Alvarado at 8 p.m.

The event wraps up on Tuesday with Ultimo desfile de Carnaval or the final parade, Grand Finale and Entierro de Juan Carnaval or the burial of Juan Carnaval which symbolizes the burial of all that is impure, and marks the beginning of the Lent season. The parade begins at 2 p.m. near Avenida Juarez, Ruiz and Boulevard Costero. The burial event takes place at Salon Casa Blanca at 6 p.m. The final street fair events continues at Santo Tomas winery from 7 p.m. until 1 a.m.

For specific Carnaval information please call (646) 175-7740 or email ABC and Mexicoach Transportation companies will be offering special fares from San Ysidro into Ensenada for the Carnaval season. Costa Baja Hotel of Ensenada will offer special room rates by using code 078 on their website when making reservations. And, for those who are not "party animals," remember you can join animals (mammals to be specific) during the annual whale migration taking place near Ensenada from February through March.

Steve Dryden is a food, wine and travel writer living in Valle de Gaudalupe where he guides individual and small group wine tours. He can be reached at

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Rosarito Beach Around Town

Rosarito Beach Scene
By Carlos Durán

There are reports of many restaurants and businesses closing on Revolution and other neighborhoods in Tijuana due to the decline of the number of visitors. Have no fear, there are lots of places still left for good grub in Rosarito, though a few have chosen to hibernate until spring. The popular The Palms at Cantamar is taking a break as is La Misión Restaurant and La Palapa de Jose are all going to wait the winter out before opening again in a month or so. But many are still open and some, such as Medio Camino Half Way House where Chef Johnny has expanded their hours (open until midnight) and are working seven days a week to fill the gap for those in hibernation, offering $5 breakfasts that includes coffee and $7 complete lunches. Of course, the gourmet dinner menu is always available. Another place for great bites that has recently won Best Bar and Best Place to Stay in Mexico Living’s Best of 2008 is Bobby’s Baja by the Sea at km 43. A wide-ranging menu that includes Italian dishes and pizza, steaks, seafood, sandwiches and a French Onion soup that is to die for.

In town there are many great places to wine and dine such as La Estancia and Susan and William’s La Bamba, and for a wide variety of seafood choices at the Pimentel’s Vince’s Old Pier. Some may remember the lunch diner at km 35, Arcel’s Restaurant, from a couple of years back. They were located, for awhile, on Cinco de Mayo but have recently moved to the building that houses Bonanova Hospital along Benito Juarez Blvd. Downstairs and in the back of the building where you can find parking too. And right across Juarez Blvd. from the hospital is the downtown version of Ruben’s Bar and Grill, aptly named Ruben’s Jr. that specializes in Mexican food at very affordable prices. They offer a variety of Mexican dishes for under $5. Watch for karaoke nights in the near future at Ruben’s Jr. too. Another good choice for typical Mexican fare is Los Arcos Restaurant located at the entrance of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. The Sanchez-Gutierrez family has been feeding locals and tourists there for many years.

Any finds or suggestions from our readers are welcome for future articles. Please send your personal choices of places to wine and dine in Rosarito to

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Puerto Penasco Around Town

Puerto Peñasco Scene
by Rita Pizarro and Tom Thomas

Black Dog now has slot machines and there is a new casino-type hall a little ways east on Freemont Boulevard called "Slots of Fun." Visit them—maybe you will be one of the many lucky winners! Camel Toe Cantina is now open and is a very popular spot for bikers since you can ride your Harley right through the front door and into the courtyard. It is about two blocks to the right after turning off 13th Street on the road towards Playa Bonita.On National Conservation Day, CEDO (winners of the 2008 National Conservation Award) organized a parade.There were people riding bicycles, skates, scooters and walking—a few healthy ways to save the earth. Then the little ones headed to the beach at Playa Bonita where they flew kites.In Playa Encanto, we met Eli and John Maurx from Sedillo, NM. They had a truck full a material that we learned is called "Perform Wall." These giant blocks made out of recycled polystyrene, concrete, water and other additives have an incredibly high R factor. Congratulations to Eli and John on their new home and great choice of materials!Phyllis Lefevre of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, and well known for forming the Uncommon Women on Common Grounds and helping with too many charity and local events to try to mention, has left Puerto Peñasco and will be missed by all who know her. She rejoined her husband, Norman, in Texas. Her farewell was at Capone's Pizza and Beer with a special appearance by The Fearless Juanzitos. Rosie Glover of ProAlliance Insurance is the new organizer for Uncommon Women on Common Grounds. They meet the second Tuesday of every month. For more information, email

Xochitls Cafe in Cholla Bay will be moving. Sally tells me her new location should be open by June. It will be just down the street from the old place. Sally offers great breakfast and lunch including Mexican specialties, and pizza and salads for dinner. Portofino's Restaurant has also moved; it is just a few doors away from the old location and is still serving great Italian food.
Bikes on the Beach is now open on Calle 13 just before the turn to Playa Bonita. The owner Thure Mollerhoj is servicing all types of ATVs, golf carts and all motorcycle brands. Maru Zacatelco has also moved Castaways Vacation Rentals to Plaza Las Glorias at the end of Calle 13 under the SunSet Cantina.

Kasia's birthday party was at Swimm in Bella Sirena where Kenny Wallace, Puerto Peñasco's very own party man (and Kasia's boyfriend) had everything planned and ready. Then the party went on at Sunset Cantina and ended at Elixir, the locals' favorite nightclub. Also be on the lookout for Kasia's new clothesline "Misguided Angel" to be released this year.

Another Bella Sirena event was Anne and Chad Cloward's wedding. Who would have thought that Rocky Point's most popular bachelor would get married? The couple couldn't have looked happier.

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San Felipe News Briefs

San Felipe News Briefs:

The San Felipe Chamber of Commerce elected its new board. The new Chairman is Jose Maria Cuevas, the owner of La Vaquita Restaurant and the Vaquita and El Sembrador grocery stores. In other business news, The Baja Medical Center opened its new clinic providing outpatient primary care and urgent treatment. Its hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, and it is located next to the El Dorado Pemex Station at Km 179. Also, Ask Margaret, a long-established real estate company in San Felipe, has decided to close operations. We wish the best to Ask Margaret agent Glenda Rohner, who just won Best Real Estate Agent 2008 making it two years in a row. Auto-Servicio Agua Express opened to provide a drive-in purified water service next to the new Los Arcos OXXO on Chetumal.

In municipal news, after Director of Public Safety Ulises Mendez visited on December 12, the Police Society Committee was formed to communicate complaints about the police to the administration in Mexicali. Police abuses in detaining tourists will not be tolerated, and the police station will have bilingual personnel to better assist tourists. Also, in December, Angel Andres Vera Aguilar, Director of Rural Development and the head of Mexicali county governments, visited San Felipe to oversee advances in issues related to tourist security. Several points were made: six Tourist Police officers will resume their duties in two shifts, improvements will be made to the Ministerio Publico’s services to tourists, and local businesses are encouraged to inform tourists of relevant laws. Finally, The San Felipe Fire Department and the Fireman’s Fraternity president Martin Romo, are thankful to Sand Drags promoter Mr. Ponce, local businesses and the San Felipe Rotary Club for their gifts of funds and building materials to improve the downtown fire station. They are also grateful to L.A. County Fire Station #116, which donated a new set of Jaws of Life with hoses and generator that will help save lives in auto accidents.

December 12, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, was celebrated in San Felipe at the Catholic Church, which held a well-attended high mass with singing and a fair with food and treats in the churchyard. The Code Tecate “Race Ready 275” buzzed San Felipe on December 13. This was the last race and featured cars, trucks, motorcycles and quads. The Annual Christmas Parade of Lights was held on December 16, and featured a string of lit-up vehicles starting after dark at the 7-11 Pemex Station on Chetumal. The parade headed downtown to the Malecon and finished at the La Vaquita Restaurant. Finally, among the New Year’s Eve parties held in San Felipe, those offering live music were the most successful. Good attendance was reported at the Lighthouse Restaurant, where Agave Blues played, and at Brian’s Beach Bar and Grill which hosted the Vatos Locos. Finally, the San Felipe 2009 Carnaval committee has been formed and the theme of the annual event, which is scheduled for February 19–24 will be “Sea of Cortez—Aquarium of the World.”

#1 The new Baja Medical Center clinic is open from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. daily

#2 Martin Romo, Fireman’s Fraternity President, and Hazael Sierra, the San Felipe Delegado, meet with firefighters in front of the renovated San Felipe Firehouse.

33rd Annual Mexico DAR Conference

San Carlos
Hermosillo, Sonora, to host 33rd Annual Mexico DAR Conference
by: Linda Shiflett

San Carlos Chapter DAR, serving Sonora, Mexico, will host the 33rd Annual Conference of the Mexico State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. The Fiesta Americana Hotel in Hermosillo welcomes Daughters and guests from February 20–26. Conference Chairman Linda Shiflett serves as Chapter Regent of the hostess chapter, San Carlos.

The State Conference will begin Friday evening, February 20, with a welcome reception. Saturday morning, Mexico State Regent, Cristy Trembly-Ziombra, Ensenada, will preside at the business session, followed by a luncheon. Sonoran dignitaries invited include the governor of Sonora, the Sonora State Secretary of Tourism, the mayor of Hermosillo and the U.S. Consul General. Special guests from the states include Emily Kent, Director of Development for Hillside School, DAR-approved school, and Donna Santistevan, Registrar General, who will update us on the activities of the Spanish Task Force, whose research has located several hundred hispanic patriots of the American Revolution and opens the doors of membership for new members.

After the business of the conference concludes, the group will spend the next several days “discovering Sonora.” Highlights of the tour include the Mariachismo Restaurant, followed by various day trips exploring the state. One day will focus on Kino Bay, then the Rio de Sonora Communities of Ures, Banamichi and Aconchi. Another day tour will visit San Carlos and Guaymas, and another day to tour our capital city of Hermosillo. When the members depart Hermosillo, they will have seen Sonora from the northern desert to the Sea of Cortez! Tour members will be from all over the USA and Mexico.

The NSDAR, organized in 1890, was founded to promote historic preservation, education and patriotic endeavors. Since then, over 850,000 women have joined the DAR all over the world. The DAR has 3,000 chapters in all 50 of the United States, Washington, D.C., and internationally in Australia, Austria, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom. Mexico DAR has five chapters located in Baja California, Guadalajara, Lake Chapala, Mexico City and San Carlos, Sonora. The current membership for DAR is 165,000 members. Any woman 18 years or older, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background, who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible.

The DAR’s national headquarters encompasses an entire city block in downtown Washington, D.C., including the organization’s offices, as well as a genealogical library, decorative arts museum, historic document collection and Constitution Hall, one of Washington’s most famous concert venues. All are open to the public. For more information, visit or call (202) 627-1776. San Carlos Chapter, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico, has its own web page:

Mexico DAR gives special thanks to the Metropolitan Tucson Convention & Visitors Bureau offices in Tucson and Hermosillo. Their expertise in Mexico touring and the shuttles from Phoenix and Tucson airports was invaluable. Sonora, where the adventure begins! A great history for a great state!

Traveling the road to El Golfo de Santa Clara

by Russ Black

So there we were—John, Vicki , Austin, Braden, Naomi and I—sitting in the Las Conchas Restaurant in El Golfo de Santa Clara on a chilly December 21, 2008. What in the world were we doing here? How did we wind up in this place, drinking beer and having a good time?

The day before we were all sitting around in Puerto Peñasco wondering what El Golfo was like. What is there? Traveling on the new road, how long would it really take us to get there from Puerto Peñasco? What would we see when we got there? These questions intrigued each of us, so we made an agreement that we would take the new highway north out of Peñasco and visit El Golfo. We had heard that the new road was complete and now could easily be driven even with a two-wheel drive. My wife, Naomi, and I are somewhat skeptic when it comes to listening to others' ideas about road conditions and such. So we just had to see it for ourselves before we report to others. On that cool, sunny Sunday we left Peñasco at about 1 p.m. and arrived in El Golfo at about 2:20. Just one hour and twenty minutes later! The road was great, the scenery is outstanding, and the company was great. All the perfect ingredients for a grand day out.

Along the way it is hard to convey how incredible it is to be driving down a brand new road to a new place, to explore and enjoy life. Yes the road is smooth, it is perfectly aligned and travels without any stress to the driver. It goes beyond that though; the incredible views, the cliffs to the sea, the little dirt roads going off to who knows where towards the Pinacate range. These are all things we could never have experienced in a 15-passenger van before this road was open.

I am here to report with glee and enthusiasm that the road is indeed finished, it is a smooth and easily traversed route. It is truly the gateway for Peñasco to the great state of California. Tourists have long traveled to El Golfo from southern California for weekend trips (or longer). Now these same tourists have an option: Stop in El Golfo? Or, perhaps do what we did and travel to a place they have never been before—just to see what it is like (i.e., Peñasco).

Only time will tell if this new route to Southern California will be all it has been promised. But from my firsthand point of view, once you travel the road, it will be the road of choice if you are traveling to California or to the Baja. Buen Viaje.

Rocky Point Bikers Rally

Rocky Point Bike Rally was a huge success

By Beverly Arrowood, Sales Agent for Tessoro

The 8th Annual Rocky Point Bike Rally, as in previous years, was a huge success with over 7,000 bikers from as far away as Corpus Christie, Texas, Nevada, California and beyond as well as about 60 of the “Solo Angels” from TJ and the “Los Vagos” from Mexicali. Needless to say, with the opening of the Coastal Highway connecting Puerto Peñasco and El Gulfo to San Luis, their ride will be much shorter next year.

This rally provides a great deal of excitement as well as income to the city of Peñasco and its charities. Oscar Palacio has been in charge of this event since its inception. This year $20,000 was donated to local charities.

There are custom bikes of all shapes and sizes. For example, there was a bike that looked like a John Deer tractor, a bike trailering a casket, some made to look like rear ends of cars, etc. It is especially interesting to see how many of the riders are women. It is truly amazing how many millions of dollars in bikes arrive here every year for this event. Most make their reservations for the next year upon checking out of their hotels and condos. It transforms a normally quiet beach resort town in a “roar of thunder.” All the restaurants and bars had a very successful week!

Saturday provides the bikers with a poker run which highlights the day with a parade of bikers that tours the entire city—usually the starting bikers meet the end of the bikers. Thousands of families turn out to see this event. This year, at the age of 63, I had the privilege of riding with my son’s friend and it was so much fun . . . that is until the end of the ride, when I could not get my leg over the back of the bike and had to be helped off!

The next event is November 6–9, 2009, so make your plans to come to Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point) and join in on the fun.

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Let Mexico satisfy your craving for adventure!

Join the Mexico Tourism Board at the Adventure in Travel Expo and
discover a wide array of adventures set in stunning natural landscapes

MIAMI, FL, January 30th, 2009 — It is time for travelers to stop at
the leading adventure travel event in the United States to learn about
the variety of experiences that Mexico has to offer when seeking for
new adventures, thrills and non-stop action! The events are set to
take place on February 14th & 15th in Los Angeles at the L.A.
Convention Center and in Washington D.C. on February 21st through the
22nd at the Washington Convention Center.

The events are set to take place on February 14th & 15th in Los
Angeles at the L.A. Convention Center and in Washington D.C. on
February 21st through the 22nd at the Washington Convention Center.

Mexico is the perfect choice for adventure–related vacations whether
it's hiking, mountain biking, scuba diving or surfing, Mexico offers
unspoiled natural surroundings for every experience. Mexico will
satisfy your spirit of adventure, from a train ride through the Copper
Canyon and rock climbing the peak of El Gigante, to discovering the
wonders of different World Heritage Sites such as the Sian Kaan
Biosphere Reserve.

More and more tourists are seeking active vacations and Mexico is
catering to those seeking nothing but adventure and excitement. For
example, the state of Chihuahua offers some of the greatest adventures
in the Copper Canyon. From mountain-biking paths that wind through the
forests around the town of Creel, to exploring secret caves along
indigenous families and sleeping in solar-powered eco-lodges,
Chihuahua will dazzle your senses.

Down in the country's Pacific Coast, surfers ride the waves in Puerto
Escondido, Oaxaca. The world-class breaks in Zicatela and Marineros
beaches lure surfers from around the world while in the same region,
hikers venture into the trails that meet the clouds in the mountains
and forests in Sierra Norte featuring beautiful crashing waterfalls.

Another option is Puerto Vallarta with its lagoons and wetlands, where
bird watching is a popular year-round activity, while right on the
bay, whales and dolphins frolic and play. Hikers, horseback riders and
mountain bikers can explore the tropical forest and at night on the
beaches, marine turtles lay their eggs during the summer months.

In the Yucatán, adventurous travelers will find ecotourism trips and
exotic tropical bird watching excursions. Few areas in the world have
such a diverse natural attributes such as leafy tropical jungle and
wetlands that encompass fantastic biological diversity and islands
covered in vegetation, surrounded by savannas, grottoes and fresh
water cenotes (sink holes) in the heart of the jungle.

Water sports are above par in Riviera Maya and Cozumel. The area
offers incomparable scuba diving along the second world largest coral
reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Reef, with more than 200 species
of tropical fish, it's no wonder the reef was Jacques Cousteau's
favorite spot.

For more information visit and

About the Mexico Tourism Board

The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) brings together the resources of
federal and state governments, municipalities and private companies to
promote Mexico's tourism attractions and destinations internationally.
Created in 1999, the MTB is Mexico's tourism promotion agency,
and its participants include members of both the private and
public sectors. The MTB has offices throughout North America,
Europe, Japan and Latin America. For more information on
destinations and online trip bookings please go to

Mexico's Finest Golf Courses at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show!


Orlando, FL; January 27th, 2009 – The Mexico Tourism Board along with premier golf Mexican destinations will present at this year's 2009 PGA Merchandise Show & Convention in Orlando from January 29th through the 31st at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

In its 56th year, more than 45,000 golf professionals, leading golf companies, international retailers and industry leaders will gather at the North America's largest and most influential golf exhibition and convention.

The MTB will showcase The PGA Mayakoba Golf Classic at Riviera Mayas' El Camaleon Golf Club and the Tres Marias LPGA Tour's Corona Morelia Championship, at the Residential Golf Club in Morelia Michoacán. The state of Jalisco will also be present to promote a brand new international golf event: The Closest to the Golf Pin Contest, that will take place in four different courses in the city of Guadalajara from the 8th to the 11th of June, 2009.

Mexico's golf courses are beyond your expectations

Mexico has the perfect mix for an unforgettable golf experience: extraordinary and beautiful landscaping, exceptional weather all year long, first class facilities and the warmth of the Mexican hospitality. The most amazing courses are located in diverse settings such as deserts, along with sink holes, pristine beaches, surrounded by jungle or near archeological ruins where top golf designers such as Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman or Tom Weiskopf had created some of the most interesting and challenging golf courses.

El Camaleon Golf Club

The third edition of Mexico's only PGA tour event returns February 25th through March 1st at El Camaleon Golf Club at the Mayakoba resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

This important golf classic is an official PGA Tour event for which this resort is the title sponsor from 2007 through 2012; and El Camaleon has the honor of being the first golf course to host an official PGA Tour event in Mexico. El Camaleón Golf Course at the Mayakoba resort is Greg Norman's latest masterpiece. The 7,039-yard layout is unique - not just to Mexico but to the entire world of golf. The course bends through three distinct landscapes—mangrove jungles, limestone canals and stunning, oceanfront stretches of sand. El Camaleón incorporates a cenote, a massive underground cavern, into the heart of the opening fairway. The handsome, Mayan influenced clubhouse that rises above the 18th green will feature a fine dining room with stunning views over the course. The adjoining practice facility and driving range are of international caliber. In addition, with Mayakoba's unique system of lagoons, golfers will be able to step out of their rooms and into a boat, which will ferry them directly to the first tee. El Camaleón Golf Course is managed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

Tres Marias Residential Golf Club

Tres Marias Residential Golf Club is another exclusive and impressive development of 1,000 residences and a 6,400 feet golf course, located in the colonial city of Morelia, Michoacán. Designed with the direction and signature of Jack Nicklaus, this 27 hole golf course features an extraordinary topography, beautiful landscapes with lakes throughout the course as well as a luxurious 426,509 square foot club house. This year the Tres Marias LPGA Tour's Corona Morelia Championship will be held from the 23th to the 26th of April, with our own Lorena Ochoa as the defending champion. Tres Marias Golf Club has been entitled to host the 2010-2012 LPGA tournaments.

Jalisco Golf Courses

Jalisco has become an important golf destination in Mexico with around 17 golf courses such as the renowned El Tamarindo, by the beach of the Pacific Ocean, alongside the jungle and with varied vegetation.

Nevertheless, and aside the sun and beach destination golf courses, there is an important offer of courses in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara such as: the Atlas Country Club, the Cañadas Golf Course, El Cielo Country Club and Santa Anita Golf Course, to name a few. These 18 holes courses offer the players the opportunity to do some sightseeing of amazing attractions nearby like Tlaquepaque, Tonala and of course the beautiful city of Guadalajara itself.

Los Cabos Golf Courses

Another premier golf destination in Mexico is Los Cabos, with an important offer of premium golf courses designed by renowned golf masters. Los Cabos' rich waters, desert landscapes and dramatic rock formations offer an array of activities for leisure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. We find here some of the top courses in the world: Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, Club Campestre and Palmilla Golf Club the three designed by Jack Nicklaus; Cabo del Sol Desert Course designed by desert golf master Tom Weiskopf; Cabo San Lucas Country Club, Mayan Country Club Los Cabos and Querencia Golf Course are some of the offers in the southern tip of Mexico's Baja Peninsula.

Some of the Top Golf Courses in Mexico

Tres Marias Residential Golf Club / 27 holes in Morelia Michoacan
Moon Spa & Golf Club/ 27 holes Cancun, Quintana-Roo
Playa Car Spa & Golf Course/ 18 holes at the Riviera Maya
Playa Mujeres Golf Club/ 18 holes Punta Sam, Quintana-Roo
Club Campestre San Jose Golf Club/ 18 holes, San Jose Del Cabo, BCS
El Camaleon Golf Club at Mayakoba/ 18 holes, at the Riviera Maya
Cabo Real Golf Club/ 18 holes, in Los Cabos
Punta Mita Four Seasons Golf Club/ 18 holes in the Riviera Nayarit
Palmilla Golf Club/ 18 holes in Los Cabos
Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Club/ 18 holes

About the Mexico Tourism Board

The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) brings together the resources of federal and state governments, municipalities and private companies to promote Mexico 's tourism attractions and destinations internationally. Created in 1999, the MTB is Mexico's tourism promotion agency, and its participants include members of both the private and public sectors. The MTB has offices throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America. For more information on destinations and online trip bookings please go to

Press Contact:
Cessie Cerrato

Jan 25th - ZAPP proudly presents: "DISCO DECADENCE"

San Felipe BC Mexico - Jan 25th

proudly presents: "Miss Tootie and the Divas of Disco" from San Diego's LIPS Night Club & Restaurant in an Outrageous Fundraising Performance! called "DISCO DECADENCE" One Day Only! El Dorado Ranch Pavillion at La Ventana del Mar in San Felipe Monday, 3PM, January 25th, 2010 Tickets $20 Show Only and $25 with Lunch More info contact Steven Forman ZAPP - Zero Additional Pupulation Project 707-320-4969 from the states 686-577-2708 in San Felipe

Eat Greek Tonight at La Palapa

Eat Greek Tonight at La Palapa
By Lynn Prince

If you haven’t visited Greece, La Palapa will bring you some of the tastes, aromas and images needed to make your dream a reality.

The charming outdoor dining palapa, with its seductively romantic location and captivating view of the emerald green Sea of Cortez, has become one of the most popular bistros in San Carlos. The faint scent of garlic, lemon and herbs fill the air with their tantalizing aromas. Passionate and lively Greek music softly resonates in the background, when live entertainment isn’t present.

Their varied menu is a culinary delight. Traditional Greek dishes like Spanikopita, a spinach and feta cheese pastry, are given loving treatment. The gyro and souvlaki sandwich with its tender, delicately marinated strips of lamb (also available in pork) nestled in a bed of warm pita bread are among my favorites.

Chef Rafael’s authentic Greek salad with its crumbly textures of feta cheese, delicious olives, red onions, cucumbers and delicately flavored dressing, please the eye with splashes of color, and is a culinary hit with the senses. The Caesar salad is among the best I have ever had, and is served in a unique way, with portions big enough for two people.

As the sun slid down across the Sea of Cortez and dropped behind the Baja peninsula, a storm came in and light sprinkles touched the blue tablecloths . . . cobalt blue, so reminiscent of Greece. A rainbow appeared as our appetizers were served, and I felt as though the “gods” were smiling on us as we feasted on Dolmadakias—stuffed grape leaves, a wonderful delicacy popular in Greece as well as other Mediterranean countries. We also sampled wonderful garbanzo bean hummus with toasted pine nuts on the top, and Saganaki, a Greek cheese that is fried and served flaming.

For our main course we dined on fresh, grilled Dorado, delightful spices encrusting it. La Palapa also has great lamb chops, calamari and delicate crab cakes to tempt the palate. And Rafael’s eggplant Mousaka and Greek lasagna are superb.

We topped our meal off with Baklava—little golden diamonds of crisp fillo pastry layered with a filling of walnuts, and dripping with the sweetness and promise of an aromatic honey syrup. We call them dessert, but the Greeks say “sweets.” They are generally not eaten after a meal in Greece, but during the day . . . their full flavor best enjoyed with a steamy cup of fragrant Greek coffee. All of it can be enjoyed with Greece’s favorite alcoholic imbibers, Metaxa and Ouzo.

La Palapa is truly a tantalizing dining experience, all that is missing is Zorba and the lively “horeftika.” Rafael promises to teach us this lively Greek dance in the near future.



Wednesday: Mark Mulligan – Trop Roc, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Thursday: Bobby & Leslie Sahlen – Musical Mix
Friday & Saturday: Eric Holland – Balladeer, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Located next to Posada Condominiums on the beach.

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Popotla Fishermen

With the aim of improving movement of fresh fish caught and sold from the Popotla boat launch area, the Playas de Rosarito Port Captain, Gustavo Enrique Alcudia explained that his office is compiling proposals to be presented to State and Federal authorities. Proposals
include building an office with refrigerated facilities to help preserve the fishermen’s catch. The Captain also seeks to get funding to improve the road from the entrance next to Fox Studios. In an effort to keep records of the type and amounts of fish that are being caught, the Captain proposes licensing each boat and also maintaining a log of boats that may arrive from Ensenada.

Feds to Freeze Gasoline Prices

Local gas station owners fear that if the Federal government freezes gas prices nationally, it could have a devastating effect on local border stations. They contend that when gas prices again rise on the other side of the border, people will come across the border to hoard gas

and create a shortage for local residents.

Cetys Law School professor, Alfredo Estrada Caravates, urges the government to reconsider proposals to freeze prices and make special concessions for border states, it was Reported in El Mexicano newspaper.

Wine Country News in Mexico

by Steve Dryden

Rancho Malagon or Viñedos Malagon is the newest “shining star” in Mexico’s emerging wine industry having come out of nowhere to receive one of the highest ratings for a Mexican wine in history. One of their three premium wines won a gold this year in the 16th International Wine Competition in Ensenada and their 2006 Reserva received 92 points from Wine Spectator magazine. Their 2006 Equua is a magical blend of 70% old vine Grenache and 30% Petite Sirah, aged in oak barrels for 12 months. Also, they’ve just released their 2007 Equua with a slightly different blend of 80% Grenache and 20% Petite Sirah—very distinct, rich, full of character and of excellent quality. The 2007 Reserva is their most elegant wine, an outstanding blend of 56% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% old vine Grenache, 14% Petite Sirah, and 6% Merlot, aged in new French oak barrels for 12 months.

The ranch has been growing grapes for over 50 years and selling the harvest to the larger wineries in the valley. One of the first winemakers to explore these “old vine” Grenache grapes at Rancho Malagon was Jose Luis Durant, Chilean enologist, then the winemaker for Pedro Domecq. Jose is the current winemaker and consultant for Viñedos Malagon where he has created many excellent blends. These remarkable wines can be enjoyed in their charming tasting room, decorated with classic Spanish-style handmade furniture located in a 110-year-old reconstructed adobe Russian house. The tasting room consists of a small wine bar and staffed kitchen, two separate rooms with sitting areas, and two separate patios where guests can enjoy wine and cheese platter service. Tastings are by appointment only and are for a maximum of 8 people.

The bed and breakfast facility is centered in a courtyard that features a cantina, private kitchen and dining area with a fireplace. Four deluxe room options are available to meet your specific needs. The “Grenache Suite” features one queen bed, large private bathroom, spacious living room and a private patio looking out into the beautiful private gardens. The “Green Room” includes one queen bed, private bathroom and balcony with a sitting area offering a majestic view of the mountain range. The “Blue Room” includes two full-size beds with one private bathroom and balcony with sitting area featuring a view of the mountain range. Many guests rent the entire complex to host family, friends and clients.

Rancho Malagon was originally a Russian homestead established in the early 1900s by Molokan settlers and is a “hidden jewel” located in the village of Francisco Zarco in Valle de Guadalupe. This family-owned 400-acre ranch, vineyards, winery, bed and breakfast gets a gold medal for hospitality, first-class service, romantic ambiance, hidden location and for creating fantastic wine.

Visit their website at: for details, directions and reservation information.

Steve Dryden is a wine, food and travel writer living in Guadalupe Valley where he guides private and small group wine tours. He can be reached at:

Mexico Living - Centavo’s Two Cents: Holiday Cooking

Centavo’s Two Cents – Holiday Cooking
By Centavo

For the first time in months, I went back to the States to celebrate the holiday season. I hated to leave San Felipe for this trek, but family obligations headed me towards Phoenix and the aroma of turkey and ham. I knew I would be witnessing the gastronomical procedures necessary for these events . . . and would be face to face with the unidentifiable (when they are stored) kitchen utensils that would create our family meals. The whisk, apple corer, melon ball carver, double broiler, potato masher, herb scissors, strainer, blender, peeler, food processor, bread maker, garlic press, juicer, meat thermometer, cheese grater and egg yolk separator would be asked for, found, and passed around like surgery tools. Could I find them? And how could we get the turkey out of the roasting pan without the thing-a-ma-jig that lifts it out?

My mother and grandmother cooked during the Great Depression. Cooking or baking was a daunting task, but they could make a delicious meal for twelve with hardly any ingredients. So . . . I was never willing to compete with that. But I could get things that they needed when they were cooking . . .

“The turkey is ready to come out of the oven. Where’s the turkey lifter?”
I am below in the innards of kitchen cluttered cabinets looking for the thing. “Where is it?”

“It might have fallen behind those serving trays.”

“Nope,” I say, as the trays slide to the ground like timpani drums. The noise barely repositions the football viewers in the next room.

In San Felipe, I wanted a kitchen like the one that I saw in the movie Frida. I could cook like Julia Childs in my hacienda with ingredients pulled from the local fields and farms. The farm and produce would come to me by way of San Felipe street vendors. Exquisite vegetables and luscious fruit eventually tumbled into my truck and made my refrigerator look like a Renaissance still life painting!

“Look in the cabinet above the stove. There’s a stool in the pantry.”

“I can’t seem to find it. Do you remember the last time you used it?”

“The last time I cooked a turkey. Merrillee . . . help her find the turkey lifter, will you?”

I was obviously failing at this task, so I began to hunt for the olive tongs that were mentioned. Surely they were in a kitchen drawer somewhere.

All I wanted was a thermometer for my propane stove in Baja when I arrived at a kitchen store in Phoenix that was going out of business. The utensils and gadgets in the store overwhelmed me. I stared at the displays in disbelief as I imagined myself looking for half of them next year.

In San Felipe, I was minimizing my possessions. My kitchen already had the successful New Year’s Resolution of keeping things simple.

No one saw me lift the turkey out of the pan with a serving fork and spoon. I smiled like a Cheshire cat as it embellished the dinner table.

“Where are the gravy boats?”

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Puerto Peñasco: Around Town with Tom and Rita

Happy New Year! Here are some things that have been happening around town.

We had a blast at Kasia's birthday party. It started at Swim in Bella Sirena where Kenny Wallace, Puerto Peñasco's very own party man (and Kasia's boyfriend), had everything planned and ready including the perfect gazebo, banner, cake and a great flower bouquet. Ahh, how nice to be 26 and beautiful! Then things got wilder and the party went on at Sunset Cantina and ended at Elixir, the local's favorite nightclub.

Another Bella Sirena Event was Anne and Chad's wedding—who would have thought that our most popular bachelor would get married? There are probably dozens of girls crying all over Puerto Peñasco! Anne was sporting a nice big rock and a wonderful smile, and the couple couldn't have looked happier.

A yearly event people look forward to is the Rocky Point Bike Rally. This charity event was another success with thousands of bikers from the U.S. and Mexico converging to have a great time. The event includes a poker run, concerts, parades, bike shows and bar hopping fun.

On National Conservation Day, our local CEDO (Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans, winners of the 2008 National Conservation Award) organized a parade. Kids and adults rode bicycles, skates, scooters and walked; these are a few healthy ways to save the earth especially when distances aren't as big as it is the case in our town. Then the little ones headed to the beach in Playa Bonita to fly kites and learn that the wind can be harnessed to create renewable energy—who knew that learning could be so much fun?

In Playa Encanto, we stopped when we saw a truck full of a different material, upon further investigation we learned it is called "Perform Wall." Tommy had to help unload this truck full of giant blocks made out of recycled polystyrene, concrete, water and other additives. This shipment came from Mexicali; thus avoiding import taxes. We are very pleased to see a new green home going up in Playa Encanto. Congratulations to Eli and John Maurx from Sedillo, NM, on their new beach home and great choice of materials!

The biggest local Mexican parade each year comes the day of the Revolution. Families from all over Puerto Peñasco join this huge event in which most of the people from the town come out to enjoy the music, performers, cheerleaders, all disciplines of sports, kids dressed up with costumes bringing historical reminiscences of the time, and so much more. The parade ends in the stadium where some have demonstrations of the different disciplines. My daughter Daniela and I joined the parade with our Tae Kwon Do group as Tommy took pictures. Daniela did a great job with the Tae Kwon Do forms and broke two boards at the demonstration.

Rita Pizarro is a local massage therapist and freelance writer. Thanks to Tom Thomas, local home inspector. You can reach both of them at (602) 748-4134 or

2008 BEST OF


Reader Choice: Bobby’s By The Sea
Honorable Mention: Amigos Cantina
Readers Choice: Nicolas Santos

Readers Choice: La Mision

Readers Choice: La Bamba

Readers Choice: Yaqui Taco

Readers Choice: Valle de Guadalupe
Honorable Mention: California Motorsport Adventours

Readers Choice: Descanso Home
Honorable Mention: Club Marena, Bella Vista Baja
Readers Choice: Du Pue & Hoyos

Readers Choice: Vince’s Old Pier

Readers Choice: Pita Spin

Readers Choice: La Fonda - Taco Tuesday

Readers Choice: Click-on
Honorable Mention: International Mail Center

Readers Choice: Bobby’s By The Sea
Honorable Mention: Rosarito Hotel, New Port Beach Hotel 

Readers Choice: Mercado del Mar

Readers Choice: Juan Angel Castillo B.
Honorable Mention: Francisco Cabello, Jorge Luna

Readers Choice: La Estancia

Readers Choice: La Bamba

Readers Choice: August

Readers Choice: D'Groomer

Readers Choice: Peter Piper Pizza

Readers Choice: Diane Gibbs

Readers Choice: Laura Miller

Readers Choice: Cha Cha

La Bufedora

Readers Choice: Click-on

Readers Choice: Fuentes Winery

Readers Choice: The Bahia Resort Bar

Readers Choice: Ruben at La Chulada

Readers Choice: La Finca Restaurant

Readers Choice: Baja Country Club

Readers Choice: Posada El Rey Sol Restaurant

Readers Choice: Fausto Polanco

Readers Choice: October

Readers Choice: Posada El Rey Sol

Readers Choice: Bodegas de Santo Tomas
Honorable Mention: La Bufedora

Readers Choice: Magañas Restaurant

Readers Choice: Bambo Garden

Readers Choice: La Vendimia


Winner of 2007
Readers Choice: Rosalinda Ramos
Honorable Mention: Salvador Nunez Lugo, Ricardo Montano 

Readers Choice: Baja Nueva
Honorable Mention: Oasis Fine Art Gallery

Readers Choice: Panadería Especial
Honorable Mention: Sundance Deli

Readers Choice: V Lounge
Honorable Mention: Lighthouse, Fandangos

Readers Choice: Manny Vealasco (V Lounge)
Honorable Mention: Steve (Lighthouse), Pedro (Fandangos)

Readers Choice: Cantu Cove
Honorable Mention: Playa de Oro, Club de Pesca

Readers Choice: Tecate Light
Honorable Mention: Cucapa Classica, Modelo Especial

Readers Choice: Juanitos in the Ejido
Honorable Mention: Baja Java, El Toro Restaurant

Readers Choice: Ki Ki's

Readers Choice: ZAPP (Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project)
Honorable Mention: Sonshine Hacienda

Readers Choice: Rancho Allegre
Honorable Mention: Adriana Fish Tacos, Hot Dogs Don Fidel

Readers Choice: Playa de Oro Bar & Grill
Honorable Mention: Bar Miramar, Lighthouse

Readers Choice: Baja Java
Honorable Mention: Java Jitters

Readers Choice: B. J. Sweitzer Construction Managment
Honorable Mention: San Felipe Management Services

Readers Choice: Puertecitos Hot Springs
Honorable Mention: Waterfalls

Readers Choice: Sundance Deli
Honorable Mention: Sand & Sea, Z Market

Readers Choice: California Dental Spa
Honorable Mention: Dra. Esther Rogers, Dr Jason Consultorio Dental

Readers Choice: Playa de Oro
Honorable Mention: El Dorado Ranch, Perla del Mar

Readers Choice: Vatos Locos
Honorable Mention: Agave Blues, Singout Sisters

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Honorable Mention: Riviera Liquors

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Honorable Mention: Ken Sue Martial Arts

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Honorable Mention: Lillyana’s Day Spot

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Honorable Mention: Al’s Backstreet, V Lounge

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Readers Choice: Sweitzer Construction
Honorable Mention: Baja Home Improvement Services, Vertical Construction

Readers Choice: Baja Nueva
Honorable Mention: Capistrano

Readers Choice: Mac & Nan's Karaoke at The Arches Restaurant
Honorable Mention: Singout Sisters, Maria at Juanitos (La Ventana)

Readers Choice: Versoleil
Honorable Mention: Mauricio

Readers Choice: Licores Riviera

Readers Choice: Adrena Joyce
Honorable Mention: Rabin Waters, Lisa Shannon

Readers Choice: SunRunner Mail

Readers Choice: October
Honorable Mention: March, April

Readers Choice: Sand & Sea Market
Honorable Mention: V Lounge, San Dollar Mail

Readers Choice: Fatboy’s Pizza
Honorable Mention: Sandrail Pizza, Rabbit Pizza

Reader Choice: El Cortez
Honorable Mention: Marina Resort

Readers Choice: Al's Bakstreet Bar
Honorable Mention: V Lounge

Reader Choice: Amor Property
Honorable Mention: Call Margaret, SeaMexico Realty

Readers Choice: Glenda Rohner
Honorable Mention: Bill Maine, Gary Gold

Readers Choice: Juanitos in the Ejido
Honorable Mention: Chuy’s Restaurant (Mar de Cortez), La Vaquita

Readers Choice: Latin Garden
Honorable Mention: Lighthouse, El Nido

Readers Choice: Lions Club
Honorable Mention: Rotary Club, Las Amigas

Readers Choice: Lillyana’s Day Spot
Honorable Mention: Diane Pilato's Sea Star

Readers Choice: Baja Chocolate Lovers

Readers Choice: San Felipe Disposal

Readers Choice: Fandangos

L.A. Cetto


Readers Choice: Wilfredo Montenegro

Readers Choice: Tito’s Bakery

Readers Choice: JJ’s Cantina
Readers Choice: Martin Gomez at The Thirsty Parrot

Readers Choice: "Tucson" Beach

Readers Choice: Aladino's
Readers Choice: Larry Large Foundation

Readers Choice: La Carreta

Readers Choice: Al Capone's Pizza and Beer

Readers Choice: Mario's Coffee

Readers Choice: Magdalena de Kino

Readers Choice: Dr. Arturo Yamamoto, Dr. Jesus Cota

Readers Choice: Bella Vista Homes

Readers Choice: Alex Zantyllan

Readers Choice: Federicos

Readers Choice: Seafari Tours

Readers Choice: Plinio Rivero

Readers Choice: Casa Bonita

Readers Choice: October

Readers Choice: Al Capone's Pizza and Beer

Readers Choice: Hacienda Las Fuentes

Readers Choice: The Thirsty Parrot

Readers Choice: Consign and Design

Readers Choice: Kayak Rocky Point

Readers Choice: Bill "Memo" Barvitski

Readers Choice: Heidi Wosak, Century 21 Sun & Sand

Reader Choice: Rita Pizarro


Readers Choice: Luis Osuna Zatarain
"Luis's ""castles"" are among the most uniquely designed and beautiful of homes that grace San Carlos. His ""Laird's Castle"" in the Bahia is the most photographed home in San Carlos, and has become literally a tourist attraction." 

Readers Choice: The Soggy Peso
"The Soggy Peso is a great bar with food, outstanding location on the beach and great service. Their Full Moon Party once a month with a buffet spread of food and entertainment is a must!! Owner Lisa Armano has also done an outstanding job of decorating with the beautiful broken tile table tops, counter tops and bano's. "

Readers Choice: Pilar
"The beach at Pilar in front of Bahia Delfin and Pilar Condo's is spectacular with its view of Tetakawi. Sunsets are magical from Pilar. The beach is always clean and kept up. Plus the welcome addition of the dolphin pods hanging out there in the water, make swimming, kayaking etc. an extra treat"

Readers Choice: Embarcadero Restaurant in the Marina
"Embarcadero Restaurant has a great Sunday brunch at a reasonable price and the regular menu is excellent with great prices. My favorite is Eggs Benedict. The food is very good, the service great and the patio overlooking the Marina makes for great atmosphere."

Readers Choice: Case de Hogar Orhanage
"Not only does Case de Hogar take care of 9 children and are taking on 9 more, but they feed over 400 people on Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Not unusual to stop by the orphanage and find Jennie Navarro cooking and feeding 20-30 people who have no money or food or place to go. Jesse and Jennie Navarro also do marital counseling and family counseling free of charge. They also bring in medical teams from Canada and U.S. twice a year to do medical/dental/eye clinics FREE for the poor in the area. Casa de Hogar is more than an orphanage, its two people with a servants heart to reach not only the orphans but those in need."

Readers Choice: Ernies
"Ernies is not only one of the cheapest places in town to eat, but one of the best. Everything is fresh, homemade and delicious on a daily basis."

Readers Choice: Ruby's Wine Bar
"Ruby's Wine Bar is a classy, upscale little wine bar with premium wine list. Tapas and delectable finger foods available along with your favorite alcohol imbiber. Located on the Marina, is great to sit outside on warm evenings in the comfortable wicker furniture and listen to their premier pianist, Omar Arriage, on Wednesday evenings from 6:00-9:00pm Great staff to boot@"

Readers Choice: Omar Arriaga
"Omar Arriage is from Obregon, Sonora and a brilliant young pianist who plays on Wednesday evenings at Ruby Wine Bar, Saturdays at Evies, Sunday mornings at Evies. He plays classical, jazz, contemporary etc. and his special twist on traditional renditions is always a treat. Great entertainment with class and flair."

Readers Choice: Maru's
Maru is a great person who does a good haircut and all the rest and low prices

Readers Choice: La Palapa
I love happy hour on Friday and Saturday evenings at La Palapa because of the sunsets and view of Tetakawi and balladeer Eric Holland's great music to enjoy it with.

Readers Choice: Gabriel Osuna Zatarain
"One of San Carlos premier builders, Gabriel Osuna Zatarain, makes building your home a joy with his amicable sense of humor and beautiful workmanship in the completed product. His unique style has become famous with his exquisite ""Lairds Castle"" in the Bahia becoming a landmark for photographers and tourists. His other ""castles"" are scattered thru out the Country Club and other areas of San Carlos."

Readers Choice: Muebleria Decoracion Tesoro
"Decoracion Tesoro is undoubtedly one of the classiest and finest furniture stores anywhere in Sonora. Its talented owners Emma Sezzi and her daughter Adriana, not only have a wonderful selection to choose from, but also offer a host of their own personal talents of faux painting, rag painting etc to enhance the beauty of your home. This is a great family run business where service and integrity are tops."

Readers Choice: Captains Club
"Sunday evenings, and randomly other nights, this great little bistro hosts karaoke, live entertainment other nights, and great food. Charming and quaint with its ""fisherman"" decor, staff and service top notch."

Readers Choice: Paradiso Resort
"Paradiso Resort has gone thru much renovations and has much to offer at reasonable prices. The restaurants are great, the beaches clean and beautiful, and the staff tip top. It also a wonderful place for charity groups to hold functions as they have a great ballroom and staff to do a super job."

Readers Choice: Froggy's
"Froggy's hosts UTOPIA, talented rock group with singer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Balladeer Eric Holland plays on Tuesday evenings."

Readers Choice: Karen Stuart
"Longs Seaside Reality is tops for real estate dealings. Known for their honesty, integrity and ""customer first"" policy, can't beat the ""A"" team at this great office. Broker Karen Stuart hands above anyone else in town also for service. "

Readers Choice: La Palapa Greek Restaurant
"La Palapa rates high in quality of food, service and moderate prices. The location is outstanding on top of it. Also hosts entertainment Wednesday thru Saturday evening that is excellent."

Readers Choice: Piccolo
"Piccolo, one of the best restaurants in town, focuses on Italian dishes, chicken and fish dishes that are quite good. Fish, vegetables etc are fresh daily. Service is excellent, and owner Magua is always a joy to see and talk with."