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Centavo - My Funny Valentine

My Funny Valentine

When we were in grade school a box of Valentine cards meant everything during the month of February. Remember? They were in a slender box and usually had the favorite cartoon character of the day printed on each card. They were slim, discrete and there was enough for everyone in the class.

“Would you be my Valentine?” . . . Mickey Mouse would be holding a heart with this saying . . . the small envelope clutched in eager hands waiting to be read. Since you received one from everyone in the class, the cards in elementary school were insignificant . . . but fun!

Of course, as we grew older and more selective, Valentine cards became the popularity “ticket” to reckless junior high behavior. By high school—well you know—devastation and “drama.” Yeah . . . you didn’t get the card.

So here’s to all who waited and never received that special Valentine.

1. The sunrises and the setting sun . . . unbelievable colors!

2. Snow on the mountains after a heavy rain and cold weather! (You don’t have to shovel it, just enjoy it.)

3. Tequila in shot glasses, salt and lime!!! Sublime!

4. The Lions Club, The Rotary Club, ZAPP, Las Amigas, and all the organizations that give back to our communities.

5. The four-lane highway continuing from San Felipe back up to Mexicali.

6. The stores that supply us with the American foods that we crave!

7. The best exercise in the world . . . picking up shells and walking the endless beaches.

8. The friendliness of our entire community.

9. The local fishermen in their pangas that take you fishing (sometimes you catch a fish with every cast).

10. Shrimp Season . . . and Maine lobster from the fish monger.
11. Finding out that your decision to move here was the best one you made since the '60s.

12. Mexico Living Guide because it provides information on local events and real estate. It has fascinating articles, and enlightens us as to why Baja is a great place to vacation or retire.

13. Friends and family that keep a smile on your face and theirs as they visit your Baja home.

14. That every day that you are here using the Internet and viewing the ocean . . . you are not in an office.
. . . and (sing this like the 12th day of you know what) . . . and a dove in a Palo Verde tree!

So it’s February, the company is gone, the sea winds are shifting and that exclusive Valentine something that happened—or didn’t—will be forgotten. You can get back to your routine and return to the calm and tranquility that you deserve. After all, you survived the Christmas holidays and visits from relatives.
You already “fudged” on your New Year’s resolutions and you finally recognized that it is no longer necessary to weigh yourself ever again!

The Leprechauns will soon be out in the bars, sneaking around looking for pots o’ gold and rainbows. If you see one, send them to my house . . . I’ll be out of Tequila.

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