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Eco Housing in Guaymas

Eco-Housing comes to Guaymas
By Christa Thomas

Guaymas will be the first city in Mexico where Infonavit (Instituto del Fondo Nacional de la
Vivienda para los Trabajadores - –ousing for Workers) plans to construct eco-houses.

Citing his desire to use the area’s natural resources wisely, Mayor Antonio Astiazarán Gutiérrez has signed a ground-beaking agreement. The Cicy of Guaymas and Infonavit are teaming up to build eco-friendly homes -; move that should help the city conserve electricity and water while reducing consumers’ monthly utility bills. Studies estimate a monthly savings of 300 to 600 pesos per house for these services. This will be due to a 40 topercent 50% epercent duction of electrical power and water consumption in these houses.

To encourage the building of eco-houses, the city and Infonavit are offering several incentives to prospective builders. The city of Guaymas will exempt the cost of a construction license. ;na Infonavit will grant a subsidy of 15 tethousand sos per house, called a “green mortgage”,t”o be used to offset the investment needed to insulate the roofs and walls of the homes.

Waste wter treatment plants will be constructed in these planned communities, and the treated waste wter uswill be ed for such things as the irrigation of yards and common areas. This r& bsp;ould result in a considerable reduction in water consumption. The Cicy of Guaymas will provide 50% fpercent the cost incurred to construct the waste wter treatment plant, and the Water Commission (Conagua) will provide the other 50%. percent

Eco-homes should be more comfortable as the insulation used in the ceilings and walls should create a 1&nbup;mperature difference asof 10 degrees Celsius compared to a non-insulated home.

The team plans to build t&nbnp;twocthousand o-houses, but they have not yet said when the houses will be constructed.

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