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Aida Valencia – An Example of Generosity and Passion for Life

by Alfonso Arambula,

It was a cold winter in 2003. For some reason I visited Aida’s studio in Tijuana… She had just arrived from attending a course in Italy. After exchanging some ideas in relationship to our artistic projects, it occurred to me to invite her to participate in giving a ceramic workshop to a community of women in Bahia de Los Angeles; which is located 300 miles south of Ensenada on the Sea of Cortes coast of Baja California. Even though exhausted from her trip to and from Europe, upon hearing my invitation for contributing with this community of women, she didn’t doubt for one moment in accepting – I would like to note that this was the first time that she and I met and spoke of these ideas. We said goodbye in Tijuana and three weeks later, while I was giving a workshop in “cachorologia” (lizard making techniques) in Bahia de Los Angeles, I suddenly saw arrive, an enormous pick up loaded with art material… with six people onboard. It was Aida Valencia and five of her assistants and a complete load of hundreds of dollars in ceramic material to be donated to this same community. She kept her word and with all her enthusiasm, she gave one of the most creative and fun filled art workshops that these women had received; even to this day.

Aida Valencia is one of the most well diverse artists in all of Baja California. With the usage of ceramic and mosaic, marble, glass, metals and rock with different techniques and finishings. She can create the most wonderful art pieces; such as Venetian murals, antique doors, contemporary fireplaces, mandalas with philosophical messages, along with sculptures in small and large formats. In this article it is impossible to count the rich creative diversity that has immerged from her inspiration.

Recently she won first prize in a contest organized by SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists) and on exhibit at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA; approximately 200 artists participated from 7 distinct countries. The exposition will open to the public in February and is titled "Mosaic International" for these award winning pieces. Aida Valencia deservingly won first place with the sculpture piece titled Imagination and Magic, from mixed techniques of glass and wrought iron and with this masterpiece, she closes an important circle in manifestation of creating, after many years of effort and commitment with herself, in expressing that which is in her heart. This transcendent accomplishment will also give her an important projection, not only in Baja California but as well as a universal level. A few days ago I asked her, “What is your mission as an artist?” and she answered, "Through my art, to be able to make people smile, feel and demand changes.”

Congratulations Aida, we love you and you are our pride and joy.

Aida Valencia
664 686-5490
US 619 654-9944

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