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How I Found San Felipe, Baja California Mexico

By Baja4Luv

For me, it started in April 1988 over in Rosarito; we were staying at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, when Sam, the person I was traveling with, thought we should do a road trip down to Punta Colonet (a surfers' paradise) on the Pacific Ocean. So the next morning, with about $1,000, we started hitchhiking south, both of us with serious Mezcal Tequila hangovers.

We camped, stayed with local fishermen and every few days went to a hotel for a shower. A month later we ended up in Cabo San Lucas, where we both found work as electricians for two months. We then continued on to San Jose del Cabo before heading north to La Paz, Las Tunitas, Loreto. Conception Bay, Mulege, Santa Rosalia, San Francisquito, then to Bahia de los Angeles where we camped for another month—fishing, kayaking and snorkeling. We met a group that had a 100-foot sailboat in which we hitched a ride north to San Luis Gonzaga Bay and on to San Felipe (Oct 1988) two days later.

You can't appreciate Baja until you see it from the Sea of Cortez. The love affair for Baja was now in my blood. After a couple weeks in San Felipe, reality set in—I had to get back to work.

I had been working on cruise ships and in 1994, for more adventure, I found myself working for a helicopter logging crew in the Pacific Northwest. In April 1999, I was in Big Timber, Montana, in the spring, snow on the ground covered in mud and I realized this was a young man's game and I was 42 at the time.

I called an old friend, Jason, from Los Angeles—we had worked together in real estate over the years—and asked him where the next opportunity was. He told me they just closed a deal with this guy, Pat Butler, who owned 200,000 acres on the Sea of Cortez, in San Felipe, Baja California. I told Jason to sign me up, hung up the phone and called my boss in California and asked him If I could borrow his truck for two weeks to move to Baja California. When I told him of my new adventure, he was a little surprised, but gave me his blessing. I bought my first lot in El Dorado Ranch in 2000; in 2001 built my home and moved to San Felipe.

Now, 10 years later, I am still here!

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