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A pregnant nun at "Gospel Brunch" brought the house down

by Lisa Shannon

Tootie, Kiki, Gigi and Justice comprise this amazing group of drag entertainers, and the “girls” shared their satirical interpretation of Gospel Brunch with 275 people of San Felipe on January 12. The audience witnessed an amazing show—what fun! Tootie was the pregnant nun, wearing a glittery habit and Converse tennis shoes, parading around the stage with a warm welcome to everyone.

As the show progressed and the “sisters,” donning what would sometimes be referred to as church dresses, came out clapping and dancing to soulful Baptist hymns. Clearly satirical, sacrilegious and enormously hysterical! Kiki shocked the crowd coming out in a sexy gown showing her latest investment: BOOBS! Of course, there was no exposure, but she looked fabulous in this famous dress. Audience participation was encouraged when the nuns paraded into the crowd to collect some choir members. They put them in choir robes and danced them around the stage, laughing, singing and clapping their hands. Every soul in the room was laughing.

Another satirical skit brought Tootie out dressed as a pregnant disgruntled housewife, singing about her man and the baby on the way. Next thing you know, the balloon belly popped and out flew this baby doll. She picked it up, loved it across the stage, laughter filled the air. Kiki does a great impression of a sixties-variety Carwash, with a wicked afro wig bigger than she was!

Volunteers walked around selling raffle tickets for the ZAPP cruise giveaway, and the stubs were used this day for door prizes: doggie stuff and LIPS T-shirts were among the gifts given out. It really was a great experience, the second drag event held in San Felipe to raise funds for ZAPP (Zero Additional Pup-ulation Project) and we look forward to their next visit. The queens can be seen at their regular venue in San Diego, LIPS, performing their Sunday Brunch each week. Visit their website at for more information.

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