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San Felipe News Briefs

San Felipe News Briefs:

The San Felipe Chamber of Commerce elected its new board. The new Chairman is Jose Maria Cuevas, the owner of La Vaquita Restaurant and the Vaquita and El Sembrador grocery stores. In other business news, The Baja Medical Center opened its new clinic providing outpatient primary care and urgent treatment. Its hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily, and it is located next to the El Dorado Pemex Station at Km 179. Also, Ask Margaret, a long-established real estate company in San Felipe, has decided to close operations. We wish the best to Ask Margaret agent Glenda Rohner, who just won Best Real Estate Agent 2008 making it two years in a row. Auto-Servicio Agua Express opened to provide a drive-in purified water service next to the new Los Arcos OXXO on Chetumal.

In municipal news, after Director of Public Safety Ulises Mendez visited on December 12, the Police Society Committee was formed to communicate complaints about the police to the administration in Mexicali. Police abuses in detaining tourists will not be tolerated, and the police station will have bilingual personnel to better assist tourists. Also, in December, Angel Andres Vera Aguilar, Director of Rural Development and the head of Mexicali county governments, visited San Felipe to oversee advances in issues related to tourist security. Several points were made: six Tourist Police officers will resume their duties in two shifts, improvements will be made to the Ministerio Publico’s services to tourists, and local businesses are encouraged to inform tourists of relevant laws. Finally, The San Felipe Fire Department and the Fireman’s Fraternity president Martin Romo, are thankful to Sand Drags promoter Mr. Ponce, local businesses and the San Felipe Rotary Club for their gifts of funds and building materials to improve the downtown fire station. They are also grateful to L.A. County Fire Station #116, which donated a new set of Jaws of Life with hoses and generator that will help save lives in auto accidents.

December 12, the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, was celebrated in San Felipe at the Catholic Church, which held a well-attended high mass with singing and a fair with food and treats in the churchyard. The Code Tecate “Race Ready 275” buzzed San Felipe on December 13. This was the last race and featured cars, trucks, motorcycles and quads. The Annual Christmas Parade of Lights was held on December 16, and featured a string of lit-up vehicles starting after dark at the 7-11 Pemex Station on Chetumal. The parade headed downtown to the Malecon and finished at the La Vaquita Restaurant. Finally, among the New Year’s Eve parties held in San Felipe, those offering live music were the most successful. Good attendance was reported at the Lighthouse Restaurant, where Agave Blues played, and at Brian’s Beach Bar and Grill which hosted the Vatos Locos. Finally, the San Felipe 2009 Carnaval committee has been formed and the theme of the annual event, which is scheduled for February 19–24 will be “Sea of Cortez—Aquarium of the World.”

#1 The new Baja Medical Center clinic is open from 8 a.m.–8 p.m. daily

#2 Martin Romo, Fireman’s Fraternity President, and Hazael Sierra, the San Felipe Delegado, meet with firefighters in front of the renovated San Felipe Firehouse.

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