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San Felipe Scene

by Lisa Shannon

What an amazing year 2008 was! There have been a lot of changes around the streets of San Felipe, but one MAJOR change in the last month is the closure of Call Margaret Realty. Glenda Rohner was awarded Best Real Estate Agent 2007 and 2008, so I expect we will be seeing her somewhere in real estate. If not, she will surely be missed. Maybe she should think about rejoining Amor Property, now officially located next to The People’s Gallery. Uria Amor and her team, Best Real Estate Broker 2007 and 2008, had two sales during the final week of 2008 in their new office. Century 21 has moved into the corner office under Baja Java, so be sure to stop in.

The recent art show, dinner and African dance expose held at a private residence in Playa de Oro brought artists from the Rosarito Beach artists' association to spotlight their work. Amazing pieces, from paintings to sculpture adorned the house and artists were there to speak about their inspiration. Rocio Hoffman was most informative about the projects the organization is working on in Rosarito Beach with the support of Hugo Torres, mayor of Rosarito. We certainly look forward to seeing the artists again when they return to San Felipe in the Spring.

Parties abounded in San Felipe for New Year’s Eve. The Lighthouse had a reservations-only dinner and live entertainment all night, as well as a celebration at 9 p.m. for the New York Ball Drop in Times Square. Allen Mojave played beautiful acoustic guitar during the dinner hours, and Agave Blues rocked the house into the New Year. The Pavilion at La Ventana del Mar hosted live music of The Reflections and an awesome dinner menu. Baja Mar on the Malecon served up free margaritas every hour, and Al’s Backstreet poured free shots of Cholla Tequila—Al’s homebrew rocket fuel. Al’s also had live entertainment of Mega Force DJ! The Beach Bar at PDO had San Felipe’s Best Entertainment 2008, Vatos Locos, and reservations-only dinner. WOW!

The list goes on! Mac and Nan had karaoke to ring in the New York New Year at the Los Arcos’ Happy Jackass, and Pete’s Camp had dinner and a small party; Beachcomber and Rockadile had live DJs spinning rowdy tunes long after midnight and the new Jollymon, located north of town in Plaza del Paraiso, had a New Year’s Potluck and a DJ.

New Year’s Day has its share of special happenings, like the Polar Bear dips on different beaches around town: PDO had the 2nd Annual Flannigan/Tiwald Polar Bear Dip and another PBD was seen at Dave's First Annual Club de Pesca Polar Bear Dip. Clothing was optional for all events; hence, the reason for no photos! Many city dwellers, including many Lions and Yacht Club members, joined up at the AM-PM Market/Pemex to head down to Campo Percebu on New Year’s morning, hangovers included, to party with the Lopez family and dip in the frigid water as well. Ahhhhhh. Another year gone. We can breathe a sign of relief that 2008 is over, and 2009 will be a better year for all.

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