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Top 10 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Peñasco

by Anita Kaltenbaugh

It is the month of February and love is in the air. Cupid is soaring in the Puerto Peñasco winds, with his shiny bow and arrow ready to pull the arrow tight and let it fly. Who knows where it will strike or when or whom? Usually when love strikes, it happens fast, in a blink of an eye. Bam, you're hit. And as some may know, especially if you're in love, trying to be in love or looking for love, the right atmosphere or activity can make a difference. So, peruse this list and try one or all of the ideas with that special someone and just see if the arrows don’t come flying!

1. Buy a Love Song from a Mariachi for your sweetheart. This one can really work well if you plan ahead. In the majority of the restaurants in town and in Old Port area they have various groups of traveling mariachis’. Excuse yourself, go to the banos and ask one to come over and play a love song when you get back to the table. I recommend “Besame Mucho.”

2. Romantic Picnic for Two. Take a Mexican blanket, a picnic basket, some beverages and go sit on the beach. Surprise is a romantic factor. Just pick them up and leave the activity and destination a secret.

3. Rent a condo on Sandy Beach with a hot tub on the balcony. Believe it or not there are many resorts to choose from that offer Jacuzzi tubs on the balcony overlooking the beach and ocean. Various rental agencies offer many units all over town. Just cozy up to your sweetheart in a hot tub looking at the ocean and make it a special night or weekend. For rental ideas see or; ask for units with hot tubs.

4. Go Horseback riding on the beach. There are several local businesses that have horses for rent (the rental I used is available over by the entrance to Playa Bonita and near the public beach). It is very romantic to take a horseback ride on the beach with the one you love.

5. Go to Happy Hour at La Casa Del Capitan restaurant at Sunset. El Capitan is on the high peak overlooking the Malecon, Old Port and the Sea of Cortez. The views are beautiful and very romantic; you can also spend time next door at the Lighthouse Restaurant where they have live jazz music and spectacular views.

6. Be on the water at sunset. Rent a kayak, boat or take a Sunset Cruise. Puerto Peñasco offers both kayak rentals and boat rentals. If you are looking for the private tour and know how to drive a boat or use a kayak that is a good option and can be quite romantic. However, if you would rather sit back and let someone else drive try one of the various Sunset Cruises, try El Rey Del Mar Sunset Cruises (office located near Balboa’s),

7. Couple massage for two. In front of Las Palomas there is a local woman offering beach massages. Talk to her and see if she can arrange two at a time and book her early morning or late afternoon. There are several massage therapists in Puerto Peñasco who can arrange to come to your condo or balcony for a more private setting. Try for prices and contacts and Rita at (602) 748-4134.

8. Sunrise Special in Cholla Bay. Make an early date to wake up one morning 30 minutes before sunrise. Wrapped in a big oversized blanket together is a great way to make a day romantic. A remarkable place is over in Cholla Bay where you can actually see the sunrise from the water. Depending on the tide, you can also walk out on the sand and look for washed up sand dollars. Afterwards, you can stroll to Xochitl’s Café and have an impressive Mexican breakfast.

9. Go Parking on a deserted beach. Puerto Peñasco is fortunate to have deserted beaches within a short drive. Many you can walk for miles with no one around and also pick up some good shells. The rest is up to you.

10. Go to the Malecon on a Sunday night and sit on a bench in front of the Colossal Shrimp Statue. Sunday night in Mexico is family night. It is a wonderful evening that friends and family use to spend time with each other and their significant others. When the fiery red ball drops into the ocean and a red glow is everywhere, somehow all seems warm and right with the world, love is abundant.

You’ve heard “Virginia is for Lovers”? Well, “Puerto Peñasco is for Lovers,” and this is just a few of the romantic things to do in Peñasco. Mucho Amore.

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