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Where to buy furniture

Where to Buy Appliances and Furniture

By Christa Thomas

People often ask me questions like “where can I buy mattresses” and “where did you buy your dryer.” Here are my tips on appliance and furniture shopping in San Carlos, Guaymas and Hermosillo:

Appliances (linea blanca)
Many brand names familiar to North Americans are widely available in Sonora, including GE, GE Profile, Maytag, Bosch, and Whirlpool. Other popular brands such as LG may have more limited availability in terms of models and stores representing them.

I bought my stove, dishwasher, and washer and dryer from Famsa on Serdan in downtown Guaymas—all GE or GE profile. After endlessly comparing all the stores, we found that Famsa had the best prices for the models we wanted. Plus, they offer free delivery to San Carlos. I also like the idea that if something goes wrong, they are nearby.

Their online prices are often less than in the store. I printed copies of their web pages and the store was willing to match those prices. They may also give 10–15 percent discounts if you ask, so ask. There weren’t many sales people who spoke English, but they are very friendly and we got by with Spanglish.

I would have bought my refrigerator from Famsa, but they ran out of stock on the model that I wanted, so I went across the street to Muebleria del Pacifico to purchase the fridge.

In Hermosillo, Liverpool, Sears, Costco, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Ace Hardware, and Home Depot all carry appliances. Often, you can find appliances at Ley and Soriana too, but they tend to be basic models. All of the stores also carry brands exclusive to Mexico, such as Mabe and Acros. Don’t ignore products from a company like Mabe just because you haven’t seen them before—they actually make many models for GE and export them under the GE brand to the USA.

Furniture (muebles)

Our couch is a Boal. We ordered directly from the factory in Guadalajara and they delivered it to us. Many of the stores in San Carlos, Guaymas and Hermosillo carry Boal, including Casa Bonita (San Carlos) and Ashley (Hermosillo).

A beautiful wood dining room table with inlaid stone came from Casa Bonita. They deliver for free. Several other wood colonial pieces came from the Cristo Rey factory in Navajoa. They say that they do not sell directly to the public anymore, but you can buy their products locally from Casa Bonita. We found outdoor dining sets at both Ace Hardware and at Walmart in Hermosillo, and lounge chairs at Costco.

Ashley and Ace both have a good selection of furniture in different styles and in different price ranges. Across the street from Ace Home Hardware is an Ace Gallery furniture store that has a great selection, specializing in Broyhill, spread out over two large floors.

In Guaymas, Coppel at the Ley mall also carries some furniture pieces, as does Pacifico, and Famsa upstairs. In the same block on Serdan as Famsa and Pacifico (between Calles 16 & 17) is Cabenn, a very nice furniture store with a large and varied selection.

In Hermosillo, drive down Blvd Juan Navarette, which is halfway between, and parallel to, Blvd Luis Donaldo Colosio (Costco’s street) and Blvd Luis Encinas (Ace’s street) and you will find many furniture stores, including International, which has a wide selection of couches.

Mattresses (colchon)
Be advised that Mexican mattresses are not sized the same as U.S. standards. To make sure your mattress is sized for your bed (and sheet sets), check the actual dimensions printed on the items. Friends have bought king mattresses at Costco in Hermosillo only to discover too late that they were Mexican sized (shorter and wider). We bought an American-sized king mattress and box spring set and a queen set from Ashley in Hermosillo. Ashely will deliver to San Carlos for a fee, but you can’t take anything home from the store—you have to wait about one month for the order to arrive from California. Our other queen set came from Decoracion Tesoro in San Carlos, who also carries U.S. sizes. They offer free local delivery.

Sears has a large selection of mattresses, many of them Sealy. Casa Bonita, Costco, Sam’s Club, Coppel, and Walmart also carry mattresses.

Once you have bought or built your beautiful San Carlos home, I encourage you to shop locally to furnish it. Between San Carlos, Guaymas and Hermosillo you are sure to find a style to match your taste and a price to fit your budget. Okay, maybe not your budget. If you’re like me, your budget went out the window about six months into your build. But if you’re willing to do some leg work, you will be able to furnish your home with quality products bought locally.

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